Saturday, October 05, 2019

"Trump Disappointment Depression"

This new topic is a place to vent how "Trump Disappointment Depression" is affecting you.

While there was not a real choice last election, Whites elected Trump. He is in effect the white Obama, in that both Trump and The magic nigger did and are doing absolutely nothing for their respective races who actually elected them to office. All that is constantly shoved in our faces is that niggers spics and women (not white women) unemployment is down. Some summit with black this or that. We as whites who elected by Trump are essentially being forgotten as our communities are over run by mutes of various subspecies. Race mixing continues unchecked, degeneracy of mentally ill homosexuals continues to be tough in the schools effecting the most innocent of whites, our children. Suicide and hopelessness continues at record levels for white men, and is never mentioned.


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