Saturday, October 05, 2019

Neighborhood Meets to Discuss How to Keep White People Out

Barrio Logan residents discuss gentrification in their neighborhood Neighborhood Meets to Discuss How to Keep White People Out

See the link to the San Diego Union/Tribune article  Anti-Gentrification is a code word for keeping out whites and other ethnic/racial groups which some do not consider to be compatible with the ideology of the radical Chicanos who run Barrio Logan and Chicano Park.
Chicanismo is not mainstream culture of Latino Americans, as they like to present it.  It's an ideological, brown-supremacist subculture, which does not deserve to be preserved.   Chicano Park in Barrio Logan is a eyesore, in which the murals promote the brown-racial/ethnic-nationalist idea that the American southwest is the national homeland of Chicanos, a mythical place called "Aztlan", the homeland of the Aztecs.  No one even knows whether such a place even existed, much less where it was.
The San Diego Union Tribune cites the following census data that indicates that just far too many white people are moving into the Barrio:
"In Barrio Logan, residents who identified as Hispanic dropped from 86 percent in 2000 to 72 percent in 2010, while the white population grew by 10 percent in that same period, according to U.S. Census data."

This influx of white people is attributed to the popularity of certain new Hispanic-themed businesses in the area.  Ironically, whites are supposedly ruining the neighborhood, because they are too much attracted to Hispanic-themed bars and restaurants.
In 2017 neighbors concerned about gentrification ran a white woman out of the barrio, Jenny Niezgoda, using racial epithets and making threats of physical violence against her.   Niezgoda was trying to start a Hispanic-themed, small business in the Barrio, a "fruteria".  Some of the neighbors in the Barrio thought she was just far too "white" to be in their neighborhood.

If this were reversed and whites were discussing keeping others out of their neighborhood to preserve a white supremacist sub-culture, it would rightfully be called "racism".
San Diego politicians have supported this racial, brown-nationalist clique in Barrio Logan for decades, because they believe they can deliver votes for their political campaigns.


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