Sunday, August 25, 2019

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The latest RFN somebody asked about growing seasons in the northwest. As a farmer and rancher I can tell you that we have long enough growing seasons to grow every thing we need. 

All rankings relative to the US

Vegetables and grain
In potatoes Idaho ranks 1st, Washington ranks 2nd, and Oregon ranks 4th.  Washington ranks 4th in wheat production and Idaho 5th. Washington produces about 8,500 acres of carrots which yields about 102,000 tons a year. 
Washington, Idaho and Oregon also plant about 40000 acres of onions of both storage and non storage varieties. Washington produced 30% of asparagus, 20% of lentils and 25% of dry peas in 2011

Washington produces 2/3rds of the country’s Apples. Oregon and Washington produce 300,000 tons of cherries. Oregon produces 517,000 barrels of cranberries Washington produced 90% of raspberries, 80% of hops, 80% of spearmint oil, 50% of pears, 40% of Concord grapes, and 15% of blueberries in 2011.

In dairy Idaho ranks 3rd. In the PNW we have a herd of 1.3 million beef cattle on our rangelands. One egg farm I that I talked to a employee about produces 1.3 million eggs a day. But our meat chicken production is low for our size, but that isn’t an issue of the climate so much as there hasn’t been a large need. Hog production is also low for our size and numbers come out to around 24 million pounds live weight. Also we produce plenty of hay and silage to feed our herds. 

While we can’t produce certain goods like cotton or citrus but wool production could be increased once again to make up some of the difference and dwarf citrus could be grown in a green house. 

I would like to propose an initiative to the NF to buy northwest, replace things like orange juice with apple or cherry juice, just try to source your food and goods from the northwest so when we get the NAR there isn’t a large break in the way of life when we get inevitably get embargoed.  

Now I don’t expect you to read this entirely or at all on an RFN but please keep it as a canned answer to send to suburbanites that don’t know what they’re talking about. 


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