Tuesday, August 13, 2019

by Don Andrews
What the anti-white racial culprits and self-loathers refer to in the title are our white concerns using the terms "left" and "right" can divide any race. The whole idea is taken from the French Revolutionary days, a dirty business when monsters were in charge and killed children because their parents had wealth. That's when the morons all got together in an assembly and tired of the killings in their Reign of Terror and convened a grand assembly where a few rich were left and collaborators sat on the right, representing the lamp holders; the two-Marys/ Semitic/God-cult clergy sat in the middle and the street thugs, rabble-rousers and cunning globalist Freemasons and their whiny riotous ilk sat on the left.
These terms were revived again in the 1960s when the street-and-desk commies appropriated them and of course, were against White identity and nationalism, and lumped in all kinds of poor and needy, But common sense, good will and fair-minded whites were lumped in with the scheming globalists who couldn't give a tinker's damn about white populism -- a term that scares both the left-and-right entrenched hypocrites.
I've heard of Maxime Bernier before and we've had some with his people and information in the past. All power to him for his organizational skills and soft-peddling peoples' populism, which includes free speech and individual rights that none of the other parties seem to care about, except to make vague excuses and veiled threats against racists. social conservatives, populists and white nationalism, both from the left and right sides. They know these terms don't fit, but when race is all, what do you have to worry about, when it comes to any issue?
The anti-white-racist media is hell-bent to besmirch white nationalists and our ideology, and backing them off to the mean landlord "right" side  is a good tool. We just don't recognize it and don't use those terms, other than in derision or explanation. And neither should you. Whenever appropriate give hell to the terms' conspiratorial users. White Nationalists come from all economic levels, mostly poor, because to some, that's all they have left with their racial pride. And, all of us know white civilization would not exist without without all our ancestors.
Let's pay respect to white nationalists and white nationalist ideology. Both will survive because they're natural,  definitely not because of the left and right ...and the church's middle; well, they're celibate and barren (snore).
If one exists, then God blessed the white race with its racists, who are for the poor and against anti-white self-loathers. You are All welcome.


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