Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Welcome Home To New Migrant

Hey HAC.:

Letting you know per your request that I am now officially in the homeland (Idaho). The email list works. Another brother on the list helped me get here via supplying info, as well as renting out a room. It’s a win for both of us. He is a good goy.

Amazing. There is a real White community that helps our people again. I have already been introduced to a couple of young, bright and motivated men who have the same goals.

I will be obtaining employment as a [redacted] in the area once my Idaho license is active. I was forced to quit by the Bay Area Racial Communists for reporting safety issues and literal abuse of White clients. They used lawfare in the form of a Work Place Violence Restraining Order, no proof or evidence required, to make me into the bad guy.

My license in California still intact, but it cost a significant amount of money to defend it. I think I will stay on Cali unemployment, and enjoy a nice long paid vacation while exploring the homeland before returning to work. 

Thanks again. You guys kinda saved my ass. The Communists are not playing around.

Oh, here’s my new address. Please stop NWF mail from going to old address in California.



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