Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Mein Teufel

by Bill White

I have recently had the misfortune to meet the person that the government claims to believe I am. My doppelganger, double, or teufel.

As folk know, I used to operate a website,  On that website I used to play a character, for lack of a better term.  Shortly after beginning the operation of, people whom I now know them to have been FBI agents, though at the time I assumed them to be antifa, began harassing me -- doxxing me, threatening me, spamming my message boards, D-DOSing the website, etc.  

I quickly learned to adapt to these attacks by adopting various protections. Technically, I had the site locked up to the point where the only way to take it down was the one that the FBI used -- seizing the servers -- and even then I brought the site back up a few days later, only to have more servers seized.  Personally, though, I learned to run a smokescreen on the website.

An example:  In late 2003, I moved to St Louis thinking I would marry a certain girl. It fell through. However, during that period of time, I was also trying to re-establish myself in business, and, start a new business rebuilding houses, flipping the financing, and, renting them out.  In so doing, I recognized that if people knew where I was and what I was doing, they would try to disrupt it.  I took various measures to prevent that from happening.

First, when I got my Missouri driver's license, I gave my address as an empty lot in a development in the mountains of St Charles County.  Thus when someone hacked the Vanguard News Network site two months later, pretended to be me, and, threatened to kill then President George W Bush, the Secret Service ended up responding to a vacant lot while also kicking in the doors of my parent's house a thousand miles away in Maryland, where I had not lived for six years. 

The Secret Service called me to try to find me. I refused to speak to them without knowing why they were calling. They told me. I agreed to meet them.  But I also had time to print out the exonerating evidence of the traces on the IP addresses of the person who actually made the threats from a university computer lab near Sacramento, California.  Had I not done that, I might have been arrested that night in a typical federal operation -- one based on absolutely no evidence whatsoever.

[NB. - In 1999 someone also tried to frame me in this manner by e-mailing threats against President Clinton in my name to the White House. Fortunately for me the Secret Service agent in charge was a White man who was reasonably conscientious in his job and who wanted to catch real offenders. He had their tech people check it out, and they found the actual Induhvidual was using a single proxy server to shield his IP address. For whatever reason, the person who threatened the President was never arrested or charged, presumably because he had the right credentials for immunity from the law. I am reasonably sure I know his name. - HAC] 

Second, I engaged in several months of play acting on my website, pretending to be really, really, upset about all of these women I had broken up with, etc.  The Southern Poverty Law Center ran a detailed article on it.  The FBI agents following me were all over the internet talking about how I was having a nervous breakdown.  

None of these guys had any idea where I actually was -- the FBI, in March 2005, sent agents in St Louis looking for me as if I still lived there.  And, while they were watching the internet drama, I bought my first nine houses and small apartment buildings, so that by the time that the FBI figured out where I was and sent [redacted] back over to Roanoke to harass me, it was July, I had been in Roanoke seven months, and my company was too well established for them to disrupt its operations.

So, how do you know that I'm not making that up?  (You should always ask yourself that).  I mean, maybe I did have a nervous breakdown, and, I'm just trying to cover it up in retrospect.  This belief would be the standard law enforcement response to the above paragraph, as these dopes will almost never admit that they, professional foolers, have been fooled.

But, the evidence is that during those seven months I bought nine properties, and spent every day working on them, particularly in one property that I bought for $25,000 on a credit card, and flipped the financing to take out $88,000 in cash later that year, giving me my first big return on my initial capital.  If I was really all devastated and paralyzed, and having a nervous breakdown, that would not have happened.
This kind of distraction of the authorities, what one might call the application of wisdom teachings, is something that I sometimes do.  For example, a principle of human psychology is that information obtained surreptitiously is always believed more readily than information obtained directly. This is particularly true with cops. It remains true even when I point out the principle and how it is being used.  

Thus, for instance, the "intelligence community" believes what I say in this email more than it believes anything that I would say directly, for the reason that they believe that I would lie to them, but, they believe that I would not lie to all of you. I don't lie to anybody.  But one does not have to lie to utilize this principle.  

For example, ten years ago, when I was in MCC-Chicago, my attorneys told me that they needed to get rid of Judge Hibbler, but they could only do so if the government were to include more material on the Lefkow murders in my indictment.  I immediately after the meeting got on the phone to my wife, and told her how concerned my attorneys were that the government might supercede my indictment with more material on the Lefkow killings.  Two days later, the government entered a superceding indictment with more material on the Lefkow killings, and that afternoon my attorneys moved to recuse Judge Hibbler. 

So whenever I deal with, say, people reading my mail, I know that I am dealing with amateur hour.  In fact, that is true of federal law enforcement in general.  They are so used to targeting people who are stupid and/or mentally ill, that they, in the words of the Russian GRU, have lost the ability to function in the wild.

So, over the years, I created a persona on my website of someone who is constantly in the throes of intense emotions, constantly fanning small dramas into flames, and otherwise behaving wildly.  Every once in a while, I would imply indirectly that I had been involved in some crime that I could not possibly have committed. The material was not exactly untrue (generally, I was not as good at avoiding hyperbole as I am now);  in fact, it was often based in truth.  But it didn't accurately reflect my mental state, and often led people who were too inquisitive down dead end paths. 

As at the time I didn't recognize how incompetent the FBI and federal law enforcement in general are, it never occurred to me that they would take the things that I did as seriously as they did.  Sometimes, they would spend years investigating an obtuse implication that was obviously, on its face, complete nonsense.  They always did this in the context of files which they, completely on their own, had largely filled with fake information from their own imaginations. Imaginations largely informed, I think, by watching too many Hollywood movies about cops, and wishing their lives were like them.

[NB. - I have in the past mentioned that the "case" against Bill White bears a startling resemblance to the three-season Fox News drama "The Following", starring Kevin Bacon and British actor James Purefoy. - HAC]

All of this, of course, culminated in the government framing me for sending threats to various people.  I have enough of the FBI's file to know that the FBI created a whole fantasy prior to 2008 that I was involved in "threatening" people.  I know that when the FBI went looking for evidence to prove this in court they couldn't find any, despite sending out requests to a wide variety of their offices. All of these files that they cherry picked were dead ends.
When they finally charged me with threatening various people, I was acquitted of most of the threat counts at trial;  the two that I ended up convicted of were for threatening without intent to threaten, meaning that the "threat" was that the person "felt" threatened, not that I actually threatened them.  [Yes, that is legally permissible in Obama's America. - HAC] And I did not even send one of the two threatening communications). 
So, while I have ever actually threatened anyone, the FBI became obsessed with making me a "threat guy."  When they could not do that their agent, [redacted], first sent out threats on his own as part of his weird pathological desire to make his operation against the American Front more interesting, and, then, after tricking [redacted] and gaining access to Facebook, and email, accounts in my name, made me look like he was involved.  Only someone who possessed the FBI's incorrect information on me and who was working from the FBI's incorrect assumptions about me would have believed that they could get away with framing me for the phony crimes for which I am currently imprisoned.

But here in the CMU, the government can only keep their insane fantasies going so long.  Because they keep me on camera most of the day (not in my room), have microphones everywhere, and read all of my communications, they cannot frame me like they could when I was not in prison.  Here they cannot hack my email accounts, send nasty letters out in my name, or, make threatening phone calls and claim to be me.  Thus, the government cannot make it look like I'm threatening people and their illusion breaks down.

I have met "threat guys."  One was here (now gone) who used to send white powder to judges from prison. Another used to write Obama a threatening letter obsessively every day (and, followed it up by sending threatening letters to the judges assigned to try him for sending threatening letters to Obama.) Threat guys do not stop sending threats just because they are in prison, or even because they know that their communications are being monitored.  In fact, they often send threats over monitored communications just because they want someone to know about their threats.

This brings me to my Teufel.  My case in Florida involves really ugly communications sent to various people not in my name, and then shortly afterwards an effort to implicate me in their sending. The evidence (though no one cares to look at it) is that the accounts used to implicate me were hacked, that I was not using them, and, that the so-called "eyewitness" lied. 

The person who sent those threats is seriously mentally disturbed and is obsessed with me, which is why I suspect FBI SA [redacted].

In contrast, my Teufel proudly admits that he sent his bizarre threats -- equal to those charged in my Florida case -- to various law enforcement officers.  His reason is that he was giving them a hard time.  He got up and testified that language comparable to my Florida threat case is just "normal conversation." 

He cannot understand, even today, why someone would arrest him for sending such communications.  Moreover, even to this day, he continued to make similar threats, often to the staff via email, for which he is constantly receiving incident reports -- incident reports that he cannot understand.  Earlier today, for about the fifth time, he was loudly complaining that this isn't a real terrorism unit because if it were, we would all kill the staff, and escape like he wants to.

This kind of behavior annoys me, as I am not the stupid person with the uncontrollable mouth that the government makes me out to be. I admit that the belief that I am such a stupid person is my fault, as I spent a lot of time cultivating a stupid personality online.  But, even when I appear stupid and seem to just be rambling on, I have a reason for doing so -- a reason that often escapes those who might surreptitiously read my communications, just as in any good esoteric text.  I am not a dumb person, nor am I an insane narcissist who cannot gauge the effect that my words have on others (the usual problem with folk who are not Muslims who find themselves in CMU). 

And, I know that in certain situations it is better to be laconic.
So in a way it's my fault that the government misled itself into believing that I was just a nut, as I deliberately invited them to mislead themselves down that path.  While it should not have mattered whether or, not the government thought that I was a nut, as I was not breaking the law, in my ignorance I did not know that the government would be willing to break the law, fake documents, commit crimes using my identity, and suborn perjury the way that it did, in order to make its own nutty fantasies seem "real" through the courts.  

Even though I knew (even then) that Judaeo-occultism was a religion of hatred, the reality of that hatred, and, the evil that those who like federal law enforcement agents adhere to it do, was not something I fully grasped.  The result has been the government, in its own insanity, treating me like my Teufel.


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