Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Write To Dennis Mahon

Grittings, dewds: 

If any of you are in a mood to do what the Jews call a "mitzvah," a good and virtuous deed the purpose of which is to pile up good karma in heaven, then write to

            Dennis Mahon #30289-424
            Federal Correctional Institution
            P. O. Box 33
            Terre Haute, IN 47808

Dennis is a genuine racial freedom fighter from back in my day, a well-known White Nationalist for many years before he was locked up. He was pulled into the machine some years ago and he's not coming out. He is older than I am, his health is bad, and he is going to die in prison--for some reason our Lords and Ladies really get off on burying old men alive.

We have this horrible habit of cutting our heroes loose once the prison doors clang shut. This man doesn't deserve that. He's one of the good guys, for real.

You might also include a check or money order for Dennis's commissary account.



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