Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Tweetstorm 5-8-2018 - Just Suppose

Okay, lengthy tweet-and-or-gabstorm coming up. Sorry about the length and intricacy. but I need you guys to wrap your minds around something.

Imagine, just imagine, that you are somebody within the legal or government system, ordered to fuck up some Whiteboy's life because he's saying things on the internet that somebody with wealth and power doesn't like. Being a good liberal, you do it, right?

I mean, screwing around with White nationalists, framing them, assaulting them, suborning perjury against them, denying them their rights, smearing and insulting and humiliating them, murdering them, is one of the safest things on earth anyone can do, right?

We never fight back. Everybody knows that. We see the badge and the cuffs and the prosecutor's Hillary pants suit, and we cower and beg for mercy, trying to cut a deal to betray others to save our own skins. Yes, we do, and they know it.

But suppose ... just suppose now, pure conjecture ... suppose that wasn't the case? Suppose that fucking with Whiteboys and destroying their lives out of bigotry and hatred didn't exactly come highly recommended on one's list of life choices?

Suppose ... and I know this is a fantastic concept, almost impossible for millennials to grasp, because you've never known or seen this ... but suppose all White boys were not frightened, trembling little rabbits, but men who would actually ... well, you know ... do things?

Suppose the man with the badge or the expensive suit and the blow-dry, or the woman in the Hillary pants suit, actually had to think a little before initiating the destruction of a White man's life?

Suppose ... again, I know this is a helluva stretch, and most of you won't be able to make it ...  but suppose there were actual consequences for trying to use the law or the media or money or intimidation to destroy some White guy's life? Wow, freaky concept, right?

Suppose he or she remembered "Hey, that thing with that one guy and the person kind of in my position now, he or she tried exactly this same kind of shit, tried to take out some Whiteboy because of his evil thoughts, and that didn't end well for my esteemed colleague ...."

Do you think a situation like that might shift the paradigm a bit in humanity's favor?


Anonymous Joseph Anthony said...

You may recall the infamous Fort Smith sedition trials back in the late eighties or early nineties ( I forget which) in which various CI and White separatists or nationalists were charged with advocating the overthrow of the U.S government. All were acquitted.The driving force behind that prosecution was one Asa Hutchinson now a conservative Republican governor of Arkansas.

6:11 PM  

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