Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tweetstorm 4-17-2018

Okay, time to cut the onions, as the French say. I need a thousand men. Men, not adolescents of all ages who have never quite grown up and who never will, not entirely.

Class A's. Committed, serious adults who are capable of idealism, self-discipline, self-sacrifice, and focusing on something important for longer than fifteen minutes.

That's not you, at least not most of you. I get that, and I'm not angry. You can't help it. You were socially engineered the way you are from birth, and it's not your fault. But that doesn't solve my problem. I still need those thousand Class A's.

The only tool I have currently available to me to reach those thousand men is the internet. Later on, when the 1000 get here, get organized, and get active, that can change. But for now, this is it.

I've got 1700 followers here on Twitter, 1000 on Gab, between 3000 and 4000 listeners per week to Radio Free Northwest, and miscellaneous others here and there.

Many of them are overlap. Many are bots, police spies, left-loon spies, undercover media, and looky-loos. Of the remainder, many of you are basically sincere but completely useless in any practical sense. Again, I'm not mad, just realistic. I can't afford to be anything else.

And yet somehow, I have to find one thousand of you who can and will change the world if you want to do so, and then convince you to do it.

 If you ever wonder what the hell I'm doing here, what I'm on about all the time, and why. ... well, that's what, and why.


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