Thursday, April 19, 2018

Rat Out Dad

Can't tell if this is fake news or a genuine ADL meme. Hard to tell the difference these days.


Anonymous Hammerheart said...

My grandparents are now both deceased. Now that I'm older I realise that they never spoke once in an unguarded manner around me. They would (when ranting about politics, the liberal media etc) occasionally mention that children would inform on their parents in Communist countries. For years I thought that was made-up propaganda. Then I began finding out that's exactly what Communists did. Parents really did have to be afraid of their own children knowing anything. Now we're starting to get Part II of that here in America & Europe.
It's just a matter of time before any evidence or actionable accusations that a parent is a "Right -winger" or, God help them, racial at all, & that will be grounds for Child Protective Services to remove a child from an "abusive environment" (meanwhile the real abuse victims are being starved, killed etc).

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