Saturday, April 21, 2018

My Basic World View

by Bill White

[I often get asked questions from people who don't know me about various material published on the internet about me, usually defamatory.  So, I figured that a basic response may be helpful.  If folk could post this on their websites/mailing lists, maybe it will make a small dent in the misinformation that is out there. - Bill]

My name is Bill White.  I am a National Socialist and a man of Tradition. I believe that there are two principles in conflict in the universe, Order and Chaos. Order involves hierarchy and differentiation, and provision of each thing with a place that is uniquely its own. Chaos is equality and uniformity, the undifferentiated mass in which the unique qualities of each thing are destroyed. Societies based upon Order promote human happiness; societies based upon Chaos destroy it.

The promotion of Order in human society means differentiation: racial differentiation, gender differentiation, caste differentiation. Racial equality, gender equality, class equality, and the desire to destroy the races, genders, and castes, is chaos. Movements that promote such are evil. Human beings do not exist naturally as isolated individuals, but as members of ethno-cultural organisms, and it is only within the context of having a place within an ethno-cultural organism that a human being can find happiness and satisfaction. 

All religions were originally one religion, the Tradition. Within Tradition are both good and evil tendencies, the good being exemplified in the idea of the Savior, which has always existed and is not unique to any one religious expression. Opposing the Savior is the anti-Savior Judah, who is the Egyptian god Thoth and the Hebrew Satan. Judaism is Satanism, and adoration of Judah under any of his many names is Judaism. There is no naturally occurring ethno-cultural organism called Judaism, and no "Jewish people."  The defining characteristic of Judaism is deception and lies. Any regular practice of deception and lies is the Judaic religion.

Judaic deception is exemplified in the modern era by the myth of the Holocaust, which is a re-formulation of the old alchemical myth of being made "gold in the furnace."  The alleged details of the Holocaust, as promoted by Jewish scholars, are no more important than the alleged details of Talmud study. They are a distraction from the point. Alchemy is Hermeticism. Hermes is a name of Thoth-Judah,  and alchemy in the Judaic religion is Kabbalah.  

World War II is, within Judaism, the alchemical furnace in which the Jewish people were transformed into "golden" Israelites, and thus permitted to "reclaim" a land which they had never occupied and an identity which they never possessed. The fact that it is widely believed that there was a massacre of six million Jews is simply a testament to the Judah-cult's ability to impose lies upon the public consciousness.

Negroes are not human.  They are a kind of intelligent animal that shares about 90% human DNA admixed with about 10% DNA from Australopithecus, a kind of intelligent monkey.  Negroes should not be treated cruelly or abused, but they are not equal to human beings any more than dogs or cats are equal, and cannot become equal to human beings through any sort of social manipulation.

The myriad forms of globalism and internationalism, all of the doctrines that can be lumped under the header of the New World Order, are the political expressions of Judaism.  In every era the Judaic imperative, a master strategic goal to unite the world into a single global slave state, latches onto a single nation and transforms that nation into an imperial entity.  This role has been played historically by nations like the British Empire and Soviet Russia, and it is being played in the modern era by the United States.  

The government of the United States was captured in the 20th century by a Jud├Žo-occult elite who have centralized economic control in their hands, centralized media control in their hands, established a totalitarian security apparatus, used these tools to exploit and degrade the American people, and used the military of the United States to attempt to establish global hegemony. 

The problem of the United States is not simply a question of the government, but the culture and the people of the United States as well.  In the territory currently occupied by the United States, a White nation needs to be formed with a government that represents the interests of White people. This government should direct the economy for the benefit of the people, through direct intervention and nationalization when necessary, and it should direct the culture for the benefit of the people, meaning that it should have direct influence over the media, over education, and over religion.

The current government of the United States is hopelessly corrupt and extends its tentacles into all aspects of American society. The regime has made it clear over the past decade that shutting me up is one of its goals, and for that purpose the government of the United States has framed me for crimes that I did not commit, and which the legal and law enforcement officials involved are all perfectly well aware I did not commit. There is no possibility of an honest mistake here. The charges against me are fabricated and everyone involved knows it.

The United States government has repeatedly tortured me, seriously injured me, and conducted extensive disinformation campaigns to discourage people from communicating with me or publishing my writings.  Joseph Goebbels said that the Jew can tell ten lies in the time it takes to refute one, and I cannot attempt to refute all of the foolish stuff that has been written about me over the years, published falsely in my name, or published by Judaic groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center or the Anti-Defamation League on both their own websites and websites like Wikipedia.  

I can address a few of the most current ones. I do not support school shootings. I played a prank on CNN in 1999 when Columbine occurred out of my contempt for the mass media, and later apologized for it.  I have never been actively involved in the Communist Party;  when I was a teenager I sent off a membership application and got a card on a whim. I have never published a homosexual website, nor have I ever engaged in homosexual behavior. This has been made up out of whole cloth by the Southern Poverty Law Center.  I do not worship Cthulhu or Satan;  this one was made up by an undercover FBI Task Force Officer named Robert Killian who was later fired for corruption. I am also not short, fat, or, bald (though, as I get older, I'll admit, my hair is thinning).  For any other inquiries, I urge people to write to me.

William A. White #13888-084
P. O. Box 1000
Marion, IL 62959


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