Wednesday, March 07, 2018

The Way They Lie

Something that I learned soon after my arrest was not to try to speak to people who work for the federal Bureau of Prisons, or federal law enforcement in general, as if they were people just doing a job. They are not. What federal law enforcement officers are criminals who commit crimes for the federal government, which teaches them that they are entitled to commit crimes for the federal government. What I have learned is to never believe anything that a federal law enforcement officer, particularly a Bureau of Prisons employee, says to me.

The fact that federal law enforcement agents lie constantly to the victims of their criminal enterprise, the United States government, is not their only vice. They have others, such as the fact that they constantly lie to each other. As law enforcement officers, many of these people have been psychologically screened to have personalities which are unusually responsive to authority, meaning that they tend to believe whatever they are told by whoever is in charge without conducting any investigation of it themselves. Given the environment they work in, they are never held accountable for their often criminal and usually immoral, behavior. The captive people who are victimized by their actions are often mentally ill, addicted to drugs, intellectually disabled, or, otherwise unable to seek legitimate means of redress for law enforcement misconduct.

Thus, when a Bureau of Prisons employee or really any federal law enforcement agent is doing something that is obviously insane, immoral, or illegal, and someone asks them why, the most common answer received is "you know."  Or when you try to tell a Bureau of Prisons employee that such and such is true, the most common answer is "that's not in your file." The idea that the intelligence they are acting on is badly flawed, perjured, obtained from an unreliable source, or otherwise inaccurate, or that the file they are working with has been tampered with, never occurs to them. Just like it never occurs to them that their superiors might be deliberately feeding them bad information in order to persuade them to commit criminal and immoral acts.

A case in point is this mess for which on February 23, 2018, my attorney sued the BOP for about half a billion dollars, charging about fifty counts of battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligent infliction of emotional distress, seeking about $10 million per count. 

Essentially, every time the BOP used force against me in an improper or unjustified manner over the past decade, from placing me in the SHU to utilizing black box handcuffs, earned the BOP a count of battery. They picked up additional counts for placing me in similar conditions in the Roanoke city jail and the John E Polk Correctional Facility. Plus, coming down the line are counts of medical negligence, malpractice of psychology, and spoliation of evidence as well as civil rights violations. Overall, this may end being a billion dollar plus complaint. 

To make it worse for the BOP, documents showing that I am telling the truth about having been tortured, having suffered a severe brain injury, and having had BOP staff destroy the evidence are coming out as well, virtually guaranteeing liability at least into the eight figures, possibly much higher.

I developed a serious physical brain injury because I was mistreated by the Bureau of Prisons in 2008, 2010-2011, and, while in USMS custody in 2014. This condition left me essentially insane for seven years, and only in the past few months have I really started to feel better. I keep getting better than I was, and realize how bad off I was just a few months ago.  A brain injury is like that -- it often cannot be detected while it is ongoing since the symptoms of the injury are themselves wound into the perceptive framework of the victim.

When my symptoms first occurred the BOP lied to me (of course) and told me that they were the side effects of an allergy medication that I had been taking. This led me to believe that I had been drugged or otherwise medically experimented on, not knowing at the time about atrophy of the lower regions of the brain.  Every time I was transferred to any facility, I reported that this medication causes these side effects on me, and that is how it is recorded in my medical file. Thus I had been constantly reporting this condition since it occurred, including in administrative remedy forms filed in 2011 when the most severe symptoms first appeared.  I also, since my 2012 arrest, told every one of my defense attorneys that I needed a doctor for these continuing symptoms.  

Every single one of my defense attorneys called me a liar, claimed that I was not having symptoms, that I did not need a doctor.  Both defense attorneys told me that there was "no evidence" that I had had "any disciplinary actions" in the BOP related to these conditions, scoffed at the idea that BOP officials would destroy evidence, called me names for telling them about the FBI operation that was targeting me, and otherwise behaved much like federal law enforcement officials.  In the past two weeks, the BOP has certified that much of my prison file from 2008 to 2011 has been destroyed, but also released what prison records it has, which show that everything that I was saying was true.

The BOP has not treated me any better than my defense attorneys, and as evidence I presented a psychological report by USP Marion Chief Psychologist Dr J. Munneke.  

I was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress on February 6, 2016, after a sustained effort by the USMS to prevent me from receiving the diagnosis by transferring me from jail to jail across Wisconsin so that the psychologist evaluating me couldn't find me. Since I received that diagnosis, instead of reporting my symptoms as resulting from medication I consistently reported them as PTSD and promptly filed tort claims. The response that I got from the BOP is what Dr Munneke wrote here (which I present somewhat abbreviated):

"Inmate WHITE was seen for a clinical contact on the morning of 2-23-2017.  The purpose of the session was to discuss his tort claim, self-reported PTSD symptoms, and evaluate his interest/need for mental health services."

Now, this part of the report is true.  The rest is written in misleading BOP-speak:

"Inmate WHITE was informed of the purpose of this session.  He agreed to participate.  Inmate WHITE stated he participated in a psychological evaluation conducted by a privately contracted mental health professional (circa February 2016).  The inmate stated that he was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (unverified).  Inmate WHITE has never requested mental health services since his arrival at USP Marion (June 17, 2016)."

Already we have two untrue and/or misleading statements.  One, Dr Munneke states that my PTSD is "unverified";  however, Dr Munneke does not state that he made absolutely no effort to verify it. Two, Dr Munneke states that I never requested mental health services since my arrival at USP Marion.  

Untrue. I have printouts of the e-mails. On three occasions I told CMU staff that I was having severe PTSD symptoms. However, staff never forwarded those e-mails to psychology because they had decided that I was making the whole thing up as some sort of effort to manipulate the legal system.

 So on the one hand, psychology made no effort to determine whether or not I had PTSD and thus never made a note of it in the system, causing the CMU staff who read my e-mail to decide that I didn't have PTSD and thus not to forward my complaints about PTSD symptoms to psychology. I am going to enjoy seeing this one explained in court under cross-examination to Judge Gilbert, because this is a case study in negligence, medical negligence, and, malpractice.

The report goes on:

"Inmate WHITE'S BOP Psychology archives were reviewed ... Records from this clinical contact indicate:  'On the PSIQ, Inmate WHITE stated 'I was diagnosed with PTSD in Feb 2016.'  There is nothing in his BEMR [Bureau of Prisons medical records] archives to support this statement.   ..."

So nobody made any effort to verify whether or not I had been diagnosed with PTSD despite the fact that I repeatedly reported it, and based upon their cumulative refusals to even attempt to investigate and verify what I was saying they concluded that since it hadn't been verified, there was no reason to believe that it existed. This is so typical of a federal law enforcement agency, not just the BOP but the FBI and others as well, that it's almost humorous.

The report goes on, after another paragraph, to state: "Inmate WHITE expressed no interest in mental health services."

Again, misleading. These doctors come up to you and state "there are no mental health services available for you" or "you don't need any treatment" or something like that, and you say "well, if that's what it is, that's what it is," or something similar. They report "the inmate expressed no interest in mental health services," all to try to make a busy federal judge with a hundred inmate filings on his desk throw out a medical negligence case before it even gets to square one, if the inmate ever comes forward to complain.

I write lawsuits against prison authorities sometimes all day long, and every single facility whether federal, state, or local, maintains prison records in this way. Doctors routinely sign off on medical rounds that don't occur, words are put into inmate's mouths claiming that they denied various things that they were never offered, shifty wording like "inmate expressed no interest" is used to try to tell the court that they were not deliberately falsifying records, and all sorts of this kind of crap is done routinely.  

These folk who work in prisons and jails never seem to realize that they are not the only person keeping records, and/or, they do not realize what other record systems are there. Thus, here, a BOP employee tried to destroy all records related to my catatonia. Whoever did so had extensive access, including at the Regional Office level, to the DHO records, SIS records and the like, as well as access to records at the institutional level. Yet they obviously did not have access to the medical and psychological, records systems.  Similarly, the BOP destroyed maintenance records but forgot to destroy the SHU log books, to cover up acts of torture. 

Federal law enforcement is based upon lying, but these liars are rarely sharp enough to truly cover up the crimes that they commit.  Like FBI sting operations, they are used to playing without any defense, and even a little bit of persistence always shows them up for what they are -- criminals trying to cover up their crimes.


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