Friday, March 09, 2018

Fantastic Things That Are True

Hello all:

With the BOP now admitting that a large portion of my prison files from 2010-2011 have been destroyed in White v True SD Ill 17-cv-1242, I've been working on a list of things that judges have told me were legally "fantastic," meaning things that could not possibly be true and which were reason to throw me out of court, that have turned out to be demonstrably true. Here's the list so far:

1) That I was arrested in 2008 after Harold Charles Turner falsely claimed I was going to blow up Obama with a truck bomb. Judge Carlos Mendoza of the Middle District of Florida (White v Berger MD Fl 14-cv-936) stated that there was "no evidence" in "any of my legal cases" that this had ever occurred, declared me a liar, and threw my case out of his court shortly thereafter, only to be overturned by the Eleventh Circuit. Of course, Turner's own testimony in US v Turner ED NY 09-cv-???, which I later obtained, showed this to be true.

2) That a federal informant, Michael Burks, made phone calls using my identity, causing me to be charged criminally with contempt, and accidentally recorded himself making these calls. Judge Davis in the Eastern District of Virginia, In Re: White 07-cv-342, refused to even consider this in my 2016 action to obtain the transcripts -- until I found the transcripts elsewhere. The magistrate then observed that I "did not prove" that Burks' voice was on the tapes, even though he identifies himself as Michael Burks on one. The magistrate refused to order the government to produce the tapes for examination in court, something he declined to mention in his opinion.

3) That I was kept awake for 183 days and denied food and water for six days in 2014, while in the custody of the Seminole County, Sheriff, nearly killing me and rendering me incompetent, and causing serious brain damage. Mendoza also refused to believe this, as did Judge J. Phil Gilbert of the Southern District of Illinois -- all until the Seminole County Sheriff released a 200-page log of the use of sleep, food, and water deprivation against me at trial in July 2017.

4) That I was targeted by a classified foreign counter-intelligence operation, the same operation that also targeted the Trump campaign. Judge Glen E Conrad of the Western District of Virginia called this "fantastic" and refused to even acknowledge the possibility that such an operation existed, or underlay my prosecutions. However, in October 2017, the FBI turned over to the House Intelligence Committee documents on one of the topics related to this investigation that I FOIA'ed in August 2016, admitting that it was part of their "anti-Russia" counter-intelligence program over a year after I first asserted that in federal court. Then, in February 2018, they admitted that they had been withholding documents on four other subjects that I FOIA'ed under the classified foreign counter-intelligence exclusion.

5) That I was deliberately held in a cell flooded with human feces November 28-29, 2008, while at the MCC-Chicago. Judges Mendoza, Conrad, and Gilbert, all seemed to disbelieve this one in various orders. The FBI also launched an online campaign amongst various bloggers in 2011-2012 to claim that I was "lying" about this. Then on February 9, 2018, the BOP released the SHU log confirming this. The other claims of torture, including being exposed to -20 degree Farenheit temperatures for five days in an unheated cell, they claim they "cannot locate" records to confirm or deny.

6) That I developed a serious brain injury which in February-March 2011 led to me receiving scores of incident reports, left me catatonic, and resulted in a cell extraction, delirium, an other ill effects. Again, Judges Mendoza, Conrad, and Gilbert all dismissed actions regarding this situation. Not only the BOP staff but my own defense attorneys repeatedly told me that there was "no evidence" that I had ever received an incident report during this period, and basically said that I was lying about this. Except I wasn't lying. Someone in the BOP tried to destroy all records of this and failed, leaving the BOP to release what records survived, including the psychology records and some incident reports, on February 9, 2018.

7) That my prison files were destroyed by BOP staff to cover up the fact that I was tortured, also dismissed by Mendoza, Conrad, and Gilbert, at various times. Last week, the BOP admitted that the records it did not release on February 9, 2018, are records that it "cannot locate", reversing several disciplinary actions but still refusing to credit the good conduct time to me, pending an order to do so by the court.

I am living on a unit full of people who are very seriously mentally ill. Several of them are hooting right now, talking in voices that they cannot modulate, making weird squeaking noises. One fellow here has filed multiple lawsuits trying to claim "$250 million a week" that he claims is being deposited in a bank account the BOP is stopping him from accessing. Another keeps filing documents for a lawsuit he claims is live that was actually dismissed almost a year ago. Another one, who recently left, has filed over a 100 lawsuits in an effort to defend his case for no apparent reason, as he has been repeatedly sanctioned for filing these suits. In this unit of insane people, and even reading cases filed by the insane, I often wonder whether or not my own grip on reality has slipped, as the things that I say are often of the same nature as the things that insane people say.

The difference, of course, is that the documents that prove that what I am saying is true exist, and whenever I win a legal action to force them out they say exactly what I said that they were going to say. As I told the court the other day, I must be the world's luckiest delusional person, as I am the only person to plea that I was being targeted by a counter-intelligence operation who actually described that counter-intelligence operation in court over a year before the operation was publicly admitted by the FBI.

None of this stuff is vital, but it's nice on occasion to show these federal judges, and the supposed "wisdom" that guides their judgments, to be the foolish attachment to convention which it is.


Anonymous Toejamicus said...

Like HAC used to say about Edgar Steele, Bill White is just another "chew toy " for the sub-human animals of the BOP and the injustice court systems to chew on. Bill's earlier so-called defense attorneys are beyond contempt
Whether or not President Trump will clean out the "deep state" filth from the Augean Stables that make up the Federal Government remains to be seen.
Didn't Shakespeare say something about what decent people were supposed to do with lawyers?
At my age I won't live to see the NWRA take to the field. But who Knows?

12:36 PM  

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