Sunday, December 10, 2017

Letter From Bill White

Legal Update:

Seminole County Torture Lawsuit

Hello all:

So, I've had time to digest Seminole County's latest excuses as to why they are allowed to torture people, and to prepare my response to their latest effort to obtain summary judgment. This is basically what is going on:

1) The Seminole County Sheriff says that they can torture anyone who is labelled a "white supremacist/neo-Nazi", and, in support of this, submits Silverstein v BOP, a 10th Circuit case. Now, Thomas Silverstein is one of the founders of the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang. He is a Jew and not a White nationalist or political activist. Silverstein has murdered three inmates and one guard, attempted to escape by impersonating a U.S. Marshal, engaged in armed assaults on three other guards, and five times been caught with weapons/escape tools in his anus. And Silverstein is held now in better conditions than I was held in the John E Polk Correctional Facility, without any of the complained-of features except the isolation.

However, Seminole County bases almost their entire defense on their assertion that I am a "White supremacist/neo-Nazi leader," a "gang member," and, a "sovereign citizen," none of which are true, and none of which were reasons for shining a light in my eyes until a portion of my brain was destroyed.

2) Seminole County asserts that they were not required to protect me from what they call "self-inflicted harm." When I read that, my jaw dropped, as the law very clearly requires jailers to protect inmates from all harms, including self-inflicted harm. Their position is that I was completely rational after 30 days without sleep, and capable of deciding to not drink water for six days, so they were not deliberately indifferent in not rehydrating me until twelve hours after I collapsed, and began to choke to death. This is going about as far as defense #1, supra.

3) Seminole County has submitted about 200 pages of largely falsified medical records, and are claiming that they were not deliberately indifferent in harming me because they had a psychological person of unknown qualifications holding "face to face" visits with me each week.

In truth, I never saw this individual between June 24, 2014, and, after November 21, 2014, and as his accounts of the "face to face meetings" during that period are all exactly the same, this is supported. This same individual found that after I had been four days without water, my blood pressure was 159/97 and my body temperature had dropped to 96.3 degrees F, that I appeared to be acting rationally, and should be allowed to continue to go without water until I collapsed two days later. Most of the medical records are like this: extremely dangerous vital signs combined with comments like "no apparent problem." LOL.

4) Seminole County also asserts a lot of other frivolous nonsense, of course without any specifics, like saying the complaint is "conclusory" when it's sworn from personal knowledge (and, thus not conclusory) etc. They also asked that my allegations regarding the cameras be dismissed for "lack of factual foundation."  I am tendering an affidavit giving personal knowledge of exactly how they were broadcasting images of people being tortured. Oh, and, they are claiming that they can only be held liable for $1 in nominal damages as damaging the brain is a mental and not a physical injury, and leaving someone to die without water and, keeping them awake for six months is a de minimis injury. Given that the case has been dismissed wrongfully three times, anything is possible, but this should fail.

Here in Southern District of Illinois, I receive three replies from the government, and, a new partial summary judgment motion on my FOIA case. Apparently, they realized that they screwed up their initial answer, hence the new motion. Besides a lot of irrelevant and erroneous arguments, the government does not, in their response, contest that they should not be sanctioned for tendering a false affidavit from the BATF. As the woman representing the government doesn't really know what she is doing, I am assuming that this is an error. However, as it now stands, they should be sanctioned for lying when they claimed they didn't have records on me, when such records' existence is obvious from documents released by the FBI.

So, a brief legal update. I will be busy all weekend with this. My habeas reply is also drafted, but there is a shortage of typing supplies and other necessities here on the unit, and the reply doesn't have to be filed until February, so, I am not rushing it. They are in a lot of trouble on those convictions as well.

Some of my mail and email does not appear to be reaching some people, so everyone be patient.


William A. White #13888-084
U.S.P. Marion
P. O. Box 1000
Marion, IL 62959


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Harold,
I've read your northwest novels and I think they're all awesome. However, there are some policies of the Northwest Republic that you describe in your novels I disagree with. The major one is that you talk about how the Northwest Republic lets any white person just walk into the country and settle there without any kind of vetting at all. This is just crazy and dangerous for multiple reasons. Firstly, it would leave the NAR wide open for American infiltrators, terrorists, and spies to flow into the NAR unhindered. Secondly, new white migrants coming into the country would have to be employed and would take jobs away from native born NAR residents who should rightfully have first claim to them. Thirdly, even if we only accept whites, not all whites are created equal. We should only be accepting immigrants if there is need for a type of skilled work we can't find among residents of the homeland. This is unlikely to occur, if we have a productive, all-white population. Even Israel doesn't just let any Jew who wants to come walk right in! There's also the concern of how we'd know whose white and whose not. There are some non-whites (mixed-race people, jews, ETC) who may be able to get in, pass as white, and cause all manner of havoc. When we have our homeland in the northwest, in my opinion, immigration should be tightly restricted, if not completely stopped and anyone who wants to come in to our country needs to be rigorously vetted and screened. Its all well and good to talk about the NAR being a homeland for all white people around the world but in the real world that's just not going to work. You've got to have some kind of standards about who you let in, even if you only accept whites.

11:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Jew-dicial system at its best.

1:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As HAC has said, Bill White is a Federal chew toy and will not be satisfied till he is chewed to death.

4:58 PM  

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