Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Yes, I Understand

[I was recently approached by someone using an e-mail pseudonym. Since it's important that White nationalists have some way to communicate off-internet, for reasons which should be obvious, I asked him for a name and mailing address to begin the NF contact process with an introductory packet of literature, as per our protocols. This this the response I received. It is fairly typical of communications I get almost very week in one form or another.] 

Disclosure of same will have to wait until I am in a different location where no one knows me and possibly mis-addressed mail would not be as disastrous.

By way of explanation, over the years I dealt with co-workers, others in various positions and agencies in the surrounding area and the clientele. None of those I dealt with are friends and none could be counted on to do other than bash me, either in outraged anger, payback, or just to save their own skins.

Emotionally, yes, I want the packet. However, using a cold, rational, professional, analytical long term view that was tempered in me by the cubicle, my best chance to finally achieve the finances necessary to emigrate to the Homeland is best served by the appearance of being so squeaky clean no one would suspect.

The current possible repercussions of a mistake could cost everything I have and see us sleeping in the woods. Stick a copy of the intro packet on a shelf and save it for me several years from now when we can have a meet and greet in the Homeland. Thinking cold and rational long term, this is just how it is.

* * *

First off, yes. The risk and the danger of disastrous consequences through any association with my name or with the Northwest Front is entirely real, and I'm not gong to sit here and tell you they won't happen. They have happened to me often down through the decades.

It is also true that many White men exaggerate the possible danger out of fear, timidity, paranoia, and the social conditioning which forbids even the slightest gesture of resistance or bad thoughts in our heads or else they will be treated like Bimbo in "Swing You Sinners." (This year's Halloween cartoon; check it out.

The degree of actual danger is something only you are qualified to assess. If you say you don't dare, then you don't dare, and I pretty much have to accept that. That being said: 

A) All Northwest Front correspondence comes in a plain envelope. We used to have specially printed novelty Tricolor postage stamps, but stopped using them because some people became frightened and hysterical when they arrived in the mail box. That was a pity, because others were powerfully stirred and moved by the sight of our country's flag on a canceled stamp.

B) At some point, White men have to stand erect again and do the right thing. We are not going to win our freedom by constantly hiding, any more than we will win our freedom by playing with our electronic toys. Sooner or later physical deeds must be done in the real world. I would say these deeds will require us to let others see our faces but ... well, some of them won't, if you get my drift.

C) For now, no one in the NF is asking you to commit a crime or go to prison. There are many legal things you can do to serve the 14 Words and bring our new country into being. However, just because these things are legal doesn't mean they're safe. I get that.

D) I have learned over many years that the majority of White people will always place their personal safety and well-being over the common good of their people. It's who we are, it's what we do, and I long ago stopped fighting the fact. There is no way that I can compel, shame, or browbeat White people into doing the right thing. I have to take whatever you are willing to give and hope to God I can use it to move the Party and the 14 Words a couple of microscopic inches forward.

All of the above having been said, all of you reading this have one thing that you most certainly can do and do without personal risk. You have a wallet. Use it.

Northwest Publishing Agency
P. O. Box 2188
Bremerton, Washington 98310

Checks and money orders should be made out to Northwest Publishing Agency.

It saddens and depresses me that this most holy and urgent of causes must be reduced to me shilling for donations like Jim Bakker trying to build a waterslide at Heritage U.S.A. It shouldn't be like this. I really should be sitting on a white horse flourishing my saber aloft and yelling "Charge the blockhouse!" But I have learned to play the cards I was dealt, and you guys are the cards I've been dealt.



Anonymous Barney said...

Reluctantly I have to acknowledge the risks, not that they apply very much to me, crippled and trapped in the belly of the beast (the sewer that was once England and will be again).

A few years ago you sent me an intro pack. It arrived, complete as far as I could tell, but torn open along one edge and in a plastic bag.

The Post Office wanted me to know it had been intercepted.

A few years prior to that, I didn't receive any legitimate mail for a year. People and companies were writing to me and having their letters returned as undeliverable despite being correctly addressed.

A couple of times I sent "dummy" letters to myself. They always arrived, but nothing else did. The only way that could happen is if they were opened in transit.

We have to remember that the Post Office is able to copy any envelope, so they can tear it open, read the contents and then put it back in a perfect copy of the original envelope.

There's no point hiding under the bed in fear of the postman, but some people really do have too much to lose. The postal service is no more secure than e-mail.

2:38 AM  
Anonymous Thurston County Comrade said...

Shame, he probably wont have a few years the way things are going. I predict difficult interstate travel once a large enough false flag happens and the gullible lemmings swallow it whole.

7:19 PM  

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