Tuesday, October 17, 2017

They're Devouring Themselves

The entire Soronic world is imploding. Hollywood, the NFL---they're rending their own entrails, tearing themselves apart in a frenzy of lunacy. They are throwing away two of the most effective tools and weapons they possess to keep the goyim mentally poisoned and supine. I think Donald Trump has literally driven them mad.

A friend of mine sent me the latest series of American Horror Story. (The first season was kind of creepy, then it got silly and politically correct to the point of being nauseating, and so I stopped watching.) But despite the nauseating perversion, I have to admit there is an air of prophecy about it, as we watch the liberal world collectively lose their paranoid marbles.


Blogger Luek said...

I believe it was Napoleon who said if you see your enemy making a fatal mistake don't be rude and interrupt them.

10:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And it is odd, trump has betrayed his base and is doing exactly what the swamp dwellers, deep-staters, rothschilds, and zionists want, and they sill do not give him any slack,


11:45 AM  

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