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The Harvest of Souls

Jan. 20, 2015

Hello Harold,

Down here in the dungeons of the American gulag, not much news trickles down to me. It's been a while since my newspapers arrived – though I'm working on it – and, so, I'm largely oblivious to the events of the past month. Still, though, I have heard of the Islamic State's execution of the Jewish staff of Charlie Hebdo, and, of their subsequent massacre of some Jews in a French kosher deli. In my view, the Islamic State is a demonic force – a primal force of death – and, its invocation by the public rite of modern Zionized society – American and European society – is a natural, if not altogether healthy, thing.

Throughout history, scourges have been invoked to destroy decadent societies. One of these primal embodiments of death was Attila the Hun, who drove forward the Germans who overran decadent Rome. Similarly, there was Genghis Khan, who obliterated sclerotic China and the decadent Islamic States of central Asia, Persia, and Mesopotamia. These all-destroying forces are like the life force – they appear, they consume, and, they leave nothing when they are gone. They are essentially forces outside of the living order of the world.

Multi-cultural, homosexualized, One World societies, like America and Europe, are societies based upon public ritual. Their purpose is not to exterminate humanity – far from it. Their goal is to keep humanity alive and in a prolonged state of suffering. This is why societies like the United States are almost unique in preserving human beings alive in prison rather than merely executing them – execution stops the suffering. This is also why the United States is dedicated to everything from war to violent pornography. The American occult elite follow the ancient pattern of the four manias, which were developed to celebrate the rights of the Dionysioi – the serpent, the craftsman, the goat, the beast – mother and the messenger. The manias were intoxication, rhythmic music, sex, and violence. Some human beings have to die to traumatize the rest, but the masses are kept alive and degenerate so that these beings can harvest the souls.

The natural result of this occult rite, straight out of the magical texts of the ancient world, is the invocation of demonic forces – forces of death personified. The cultists of the infernal gods – the Jews and the White elite – aim for an equilibrium between degradation and death – an unending party in which their lusts are satisfied at the expense of the people. However, this equilibrium is never more than temporary. Often, these deluded cultists do not realize that the beings with which they are in league are merely using them. When a critical mass of human pain is reached, discarnate beings are incarnated in the material world, and, those beings begin their process of slaughtering, not shearing, the sheep.

In my view, the Islamic State is this kind of elemental force of death, at least vis-a-vis Judaized “Western” society. The evil which serves as the basis for American society has become so pervasive, and, so many lives have been sacrificed, and, so much human misery has been produced, that we have magically conjured infernal beings who intend to reap us. “School shootings” and other mass killings – also on the rise – were both a prelude and another manifestation of this. For every, say, so million babies we sacrifice through abortion, or, every so million addicts we produce, we conjure a demonic being who, true to his nature, initiates a massacre.

And, of course, rather than admit that they are the magicians behind all of this, the same wizards whose worship at Bohemian Grove brought this upon us cry crocodile tears in terror as their comrades in conjuring pay the price.

As you well know, Harold, America cannot be saved. However, those of your readers who wish to save themselves should consider how much longer they wish to remain hitched to the sinking American ship. The governments of the Judaeo-occult West cannot protect their citizens from the forces they are invoking forever.



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