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More On The 10 X 1000 Plan

Just got another package from you guys with an envelope presumably for my contribution, how much shall I send?

-John B.

Okay, I've talked about this before in the orglet and I think a couple of times on RFN, but it looks like I need to run it down for you folks on the Northwest Revolution e-mail list. Bear with me. This will take some time. I'll use it as a canned answer for when this question comes up again.

Basically, there are two ways to bring about change in this society: money and the gun. We lack the physical courage, the moral strength, and the organizational competence to use the gun. That leaves money.

All politics in the Western world and particularly in North America revolves around money, as witness the 2016 election. I make no apologies for asking you for it. The Northwest Front has to have it. There are no fat cats. There are no secret caches of Nazi gold hidden in Switzerland. (The old Party used to get that a lot.) There is no miraculous multi-level-marketing scam or "start a business" scheme that will fund the Party without anybody having to open their wallets and their checkbooks. These ideas have actually been tried in the past, and they're crap. (Do you have any idea what it takes to run a successful small business in this de facto socialist society?)

One of the marks of the true White nationalist alternative has always been that its orgs and factions have been bitterly, crushingly poor, to the point where the possession of mysterious and unexplained funds on the part of a group or an Induhvidual has always been suspicious, usually correctly so. One of the marks of an informer has always been that he has no known visible means of support, but he always seems to have money from somewhere.

This is unnecessary, in theory at least. There is no need at all, no excuse at all, for any White nationalist group or movement to be underfunded. The solution is simple. Instead of getting a lot of money from a few people, you get a little money from a lot of people. The problem is, this is where we run headlong smack-dab into the issue of character. More on that later.

The internet is the first mass medium of communication we have ever had access to, and it has attracted tens of thousands of new people to our ideas and causes and groups. Last year the Party's three major web sites received an average of between four and five thousand hits per week, and my personal Thoughtcrime blog is now almost at one and a half million cumulative hits. By internet standards that's chicken feed, true, but hey--thousands of people are thousands of people.

Allowing for a certain pruning of those stats to eliminate visitors who are black, brown, Jewish, sodomitic, left-loonies, multifarious cops, SPLC monitors, media, and otherwise completely useless, then adding in a very hard-to-assess additional number for Thoughtcrime and not forgetting my 1400 Twitter followers, I think it's not too far off the mark to say that the Party has an audience or circle of acquaintance of around 5,000 sincere White nationalists of varying degrees. That is to say White people, mostly male but some extraordinary women as well, who at least wish us well and success in our endeavors.

The problem is that. being Americans, the bulk of these 5,000 people basically regard the Party and its outreach programs as a form of entertainment. They get all of it they want for free on the internet, and so they see no reason why they should contribute financially.

Suggestions have been made, some sincere and some Dutch Uncle-style, about how Hurrold gotta do this and Hurrold gotta do that in order to monetize our propaganda operation and make all these deadbeats pony up. There is merit to some of these ideas, and there are actually ways we could do this or that if we were better set up and we had reached Square One--which, er, we kind of need money to do. Catch 22.

Monetizing our internet is a topic which will require lengthy discussion at another time, once the NF has been able to stabilize through the Great Project, and has something by way of plant and staff upon which we can build long-term structures. That situation does not as yet obtain. [I should add that this was originally written before the great Soronic de-platforning and de-monetizing offensive post-Charlottesville.]

The NF version of all this is called the 10 X 1000 Plan. The object is to recruit one thousand (1000) Class A White people who do not view the NF as entertainment and who believe sufficiently to undergo a small amount of personal inconvenience for the 14 Words, specifically donating $10 per month to the Party in the form of voluntary dues. In other words the first, simplest off-internet, real-world assistance anyone can render the Republic.

Anyway, the introductory packet most of you were sent at one point would have contained a green form for something called the Northwest Pioneer Association or NPA. This gets into the incredible vexéd question of what constitutes "Party membership," which is another long and Byzantine-complex question wherein I try to give people what they want while avoiding certain catastrophic errors of the past. That's a digression I won't get into here. It's actually covered in the White Book

Suffice it to say that NPA has not in fact gone "tits up" as one Idaho comrade put it. It is still alive, but not in very good health. The NPA does not provide the warm and fuzzies that gregarious White Amurrican consumers want, like nifty membership cards they can flash around to their buddies and try to impress girls with. Or secret decoder rings. [Sigh] Jeez, don't get me started ...

Where was I? Yes. Let us take this hypothetical 1,000 Class A's who are so fanatically dedicated to the 14 Words that they are willing to give up the price of a six-pack of beer and a few Slim Jims every month for the cause. They send in their ten dollars. That's $10,000 the Party gets every month, for which we could at long last obtain a secure and stable work platform.

Twice a year, in the spring and the fall, there would be the traditional rite-wing fund appeals. These days anybody can find $100 for something he really cares about, usually a hobby or a new toy. Assuming all 1000 of our "members" send in a C-note, that would mean the NF had an income of $320,000 per year, an income which would then begin generating more income. One historic financial truism is that money attracts more money.

One thousand people out of a population of over 300 million. $320,000 per year. That's our Party, that's our revolution, that's the Northwest American Republic. Just a thousand guys willing to take a sawbuck out of their wallet.

The Northwest Idea is solid, true, and strong. Always remember, we are right. Once the NF gets to Square One and passes the tipping point, reaches that very low ignition point, then we've won. One thousand guys who are willing to pass on the brew one night a month. $320,000 per year ... less that what Hillary Clinton spent on any single day of her two-year campaign ... Jesus Christ! So close! So close! ...

One we get the secure work platform, I'd hire one new hand, the first one besides me--I'm not sure whether he would be the Unicorn, the Harold Clone PA I have spoken of in the past so longingly, (and who might not exist), or else a really crackerjack IT guy who could use the new space to set up a for-real internet transmission station and propaganda creation unit so we wouldn't be dependent on a few ancient machines ...

Sorry. Daydreaming again.



Anonymous J. Arbuckle said...

Is Hatreon working for you? I'm at $20/month but I can afford to increase it significantly.

10:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I just became a comrade and am awaiting e arrival of my welcome packet. I will gladly pass on the brew to send in that sawbuck. I have some ideas on income generation that I am working on. Before I found NWF, I though I was alone...dreading every day in Califoolnia, with all those coloreds looming about in increasing numbers. I am glad to have found you guys n' gals. I thhink there are many more like me, ready to join something and longing for companions of their own ilk. One problem I see is that too many potential new members are surrounded by people polluting their minds daily with equality B.S. and if our cause is to survive, we must divide the opposition to allow for those would-be members to clear their minds of the daily propoganda.

6:55 AM  

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