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From Matt Heimbach

[Matt's in the process of having his 15 Minutes right now, and I don't begrudge it to him, since he has immense potential. I have met him, and I was impressed. So I figured I'd let him respond to the latest Goat Dancing directed at him by the Usual Suspects. - HAC]

First of all, thank you as always for reaching out to me. One of the biggest problems in our movement is a lack of clear communication. 

The Traditionalist Worker Party is an FEC registered party, and as such, follows some unique laws from the FEC. We of course are a fully secessionist, National Socialist, and pro-White party. We can control all party officers and leadership roles, though due technically to the law, we cannot restrict registration by someone as a party member (so long as they agree to our principles, so it'd be rather odd for a chink to want to fight for the creation of a nation that they couldn't be a part of.) We can, however, fully control who speaks on behalf of the party, who runs a chapter, who can attend events etc; which is entirely for us and by us, not multicultural.  

As part of our 25 Points, it clearly states

"The guiding principle of the Traditionalist Worker Party is fighting for the rights and self determination of Whites in America. The Fourteen Words “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children” best exemplifies the mission of our movement, to work to create a sustainable Homeland for our culture, identity, families, and blood.

We fight for Faith, Family and Folk; all elements of the national rebirth of our people and culture....

Only members of the National Community may be citizens of the State. Citizenship in the ethno-state must therefore be limited to White persons, and White persons alone. Non-citizens may live in our nation only as guests and must be subject to laws for aliens. Guests will always be treated with respect unless they become a threat to our nation...

This will be a People’s State, there will be no room for Communists, Anarchists, Liberals, Zionists, and other subversive alien elements because they are not members of our national community and not ‘our people’."

Our only mission is to achieve a sovereign and independent Homeland for our people. The Traditionalist Youth Network, which has since been dissolved into the Party, never was a Christian organization or "anti-racist", one only has to look at articles written on the site such as The Confederate Flag is Racist, Get Over it where I stated "A State at the time can only be considered as an organic and folkish expression of a shared ethnic community. To fight for “States Rights” was to fight for the self determination of your folk. So yes dear Leftists, by your definition of Whites organizing for their own self interest, the Confederate Battle Flag is racist and guess what, I’m ok with that." To of course the glorification of National Socialist Germany, the Romanian Iron Guard, and other Fascist movements.
The only thing I could possibly think of in the TWP 25 Points that could be called "multicultural" would be the support for breaking down the American Empire into different ethno-states. The 25 Points continues by saying "In the American Empire, we are slaves to the wishes of the globalists and Wall Street. We shall secede from the tyrannical regime of Washington DC and chart our own course for our people.
We declare war on colonialism, capitalism, communism, international Jewry, and neo-imperialism. We seek, in addition to our own ethnostate, return of self-rule for Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Indian Reservations, and all remaining American territories.
Nonwhite ethnic communities shall have the right of self determination, in an end of the American Empire’s “One Size Fits None” system of government."
In order to defeat the Jewish System, and based on current demographics and geopolitical realities, we understand, as the NWR does in Freedom's Sons, that we couldn't possibly retake the entire American landmass given our numbers and resources, therefore supporting Balkanization and other nationalists who also fight the Jewish system and want to leave us alone is a good thing for us all. The American situation is of course different than Europe, and we have to be realistic, while refusing to compromise any of our principles. 
One final point on the religion assertion that we are Christian, that isn't true. I am a Christian, as are many of our comrades, but in the leadership alone we have several Roman Pagans, followers of Asatru, and several different Christian denominations. 
On religion our policy is "Every traditional European Faith, regardless of denomination, shall be protected. Christians of different confessions, Folk Religionists, and others are all members of the same extended family and thus share a common destiny and relationship with one another. Our Party promotes respect and tolerance within the National Community on different expressions of Faith....Religious organizations or those employed by a religious organization however will not be allowed to engage in partisan politics, in order to allow both the Church and the State to run their affairs within their own sphere.
Cults or subversive organizations masquerading as religious institutions shall be banned if they are deemed a threat to the moral or political stability of the nation.
The State shall not infringe on the Church, and while believers of religious communities are encouraged to engage in the political system, there must be a clear line between the two entities within our society."
On the Jewish Question, from our official Party member manual "What cannot be ignored in our current struggle is that the Organized Jewish Community is a large part of the intellectual, financial, and mass media oligarchy of the globalist forces. The Jewish elites and community leaders play a symbiotic role with the rank and file “everyday Jews.  Unlike the case for whites, where White elites are actively working against their race’s interest in collusion with the Jews, in the jewish group organism, the head is connected to the body.  
This means that while on an individual level, some Jews may outwardly come across as relatively normal people, claiming to not even be consciously aware of what their race is doing in full, they’re still playing an integrated role in a group organism that’s committing genocide against our race.
If each individual Jew is consciously working to exterminate our race is beside the point – they all play an active role in a group organism that’s hellbent on killing us. Further, given the existence of established global Jewish networks, wealth solidified through jewish banking, media, and corporate dynasties, and the significantly high average IQ found within Jews, it’s very easy for “everyday Jews” to be upwardly mobile and become elites. If those networks are destroyed, they’d be very easy to rebuild them especially if the Jewish problem is framed in a manner that allows a portion of Jewry to go crypto, infiltrate existing institutions, and form their own networks within there for eventual takeover. Given the existence of global Jewish networks and money, it’d be very easy for them to maintain backchannel funds and connections to assist in that process.
On account of their established behavior pattern, even nationalist Jews cannot be trusted.  Jews claiming to be ethnonationalists who want total separation and independence from the gentile world only circulate that claim within WN and alt right spheres as a rhetorical redirection ploy to stop people from criticizing jews as a cohesive entity and attacking them as an enemy.
Our Party will never shy away from calling out the corrupt Jewish bankers, politicians with dual loyalties, or anti-social movements that are led by and financed by Jews."
Hopefully this helps clarify my position, and the position of TWP on these issues.


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Matt better watch out. He's on a sort of parole, what the Brits call "bound over". If he so much as spits on the sidewalk, he can be brought back in. Enemies will be watching his every move, ready for him to do anything they can claim is illegal or wrong.

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