Thursday, August 31, 2017

A Blast From The Present


I won't offer you any excuses for not giving you the help you need, because you know why I can't. 

[HAC note - I do. This man has been sodomized by Obama's Amurrica. Everything he owned was stripped from him. At his age and in this society he has no realistic chance ever to make it back. He will probably die under a bridge or in a Salvation Army mission. Thus does Amurrica reward him for killing many men long ago in a foreign jungle, in a war the the world has forgotten. Perhaps his Silver Star will keep him warm and keep the rain from his head.]  

All I can do is promise you that until my dying breath I will never cease to curse unto God the filthy shit-skinned monkeys and their hose-nosed masters who destroyed the world I was born into, and after that I will curse the pale quivering cowardly pieces of dog vomit who are my so-called white descendants, the pusillanimous little weaklings who have refused to fight for their country, for their sacred honor, for the lives of their children. Words cannot express my contempt for White people who were given The Brigade and Freedom's Sons and Mighty Fortress and everything you've done, and who have continued to cower in hiding and refuse to help. 

[And yeah, this is genuine. I think I need to add that I don't completely share my former comrade-in-arms' sentiments, because I understand why these things have happened. There is blame enough to go around; it's not all on you, and I know that. I myself am no longer angry. I am just deeply saddened, and very tired. You guys will make the decision to be someone different from who you are, or you won't. You may have a year or 18 months left to do it in until the shit hits the fan hard and heavy, probably something none of us will see coming, and from then on it just becomes a case of hanging onto the roller coaster for dear life so you don't fall off. 

Anyway, if any of you guys do ever want to get something NAR-ish going, let me know. I'll stick to my post here as long as I can. 



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