Wednesday, August 30, 2017

A Blast From The Past - Bill White

[Haven’t had a run-down on the Bill White case for a while. This is a blast from the past, specifically from April 2014]

Okay, for those of you who simply never bother to look at the Thoughtcrime blog at all, which is the Movement equivalent of living in a cave, Bill White was not sentenced last Friday because the judge is extremely ill in the hospital and may die. This is not too surprising, since as I just learned a few days ago, the judge in Bill’s case is ninety years old and a World War Two veteran, which means that not only should he not be responsible for judging any other human being at all, but he should not be judging a National Socialist in particular.

If the judge dies, Bill is legally entitled to a mistrial and in any normal case would get one, but then as we have observed, the United States judicial system obeys its own rules only when it is politically convenient for the power structure to do so.

I won’t go on with this because I’m sure by now some of you are getting all Bill White-ed out, but I must emphasize yet again that this is a purely political case and a highly significant case legally, because some of the outrageous rabbinical judge’s rulings regarding Bill White have in essence changed the law without any reference to Congress, which is something the Obama régime specializes in.

The Bill White case has removed what used to be called the "reasonable man" criterion for what constitutes a credible threat and substituted the purely subjective emotions and feelings of every Tom Dick and Harry. One no longer actually has to threaten anybody with any kind of serious or believable threat; it’s enough now to quote-unquote “cause them to feel apprehension or fear,” which can mean any damned thing the police or the United States Attorney want it to mean, so long as the person who is being caused the apprehension is part of a privileged ad politically protected minority.

Secondly, the Bill White case has created the legal concept of the “inherently criminal and violent audience,” which is you guys. Stroppy Whiteboys like Bill White and me and everybody else who works on the internet have such an “inherently criminal and violent audience.” Therefore, when we criticize somebody it’s not the First Amendment, it’s a threat. 

No, I am not making that up. That is exactly what a Jewish judge ruled in White’s case.

What this does is, it creates a whole new category of third-class citizens, Whiteboys like Bill White and me and you guys. We have no right to speak, or to write a blog, or post to the internet anything that is in any way critical of any government official, any officer of the court, or any politically protected minority, even when such criticism is based on their corrupt and incompetent public job performance.

Because you see, when the Roanoke Times does it, they’re journalists. But us being in that special category of inferior citizens created by the Bill White case, when we do it, it’s a threat. Because of our “inherently criminal and violent audience,” you see.

And how does the United States Attorney know that our audiences are inherently criminal and violent? Does he know all ten or twelve thousand of you? (And let’s face it, that’s pretty much the size of our wee little internet community.) 

No, he doesn’t, but he doesn’t have to. A Jewish judge has given his rabbinical ruling that our audiences are inherently criminal and violent.

And that’s all the U.S. Attorney needs, is a permission slip from a judicial rabbi to do any goddamned thing he wants, to anybody. Maybe even send FBI gunmen to shoot someone down in their home like they murdered Ibragim Todashev in Orlando, which was by the way perfectly legal under the National Defense Authorization Act of 2011.

Don’t you love that term "judicial rabbi," by the way? That’s Bill White. Those of you who didn’t read his article on Judicial Legislation drop me an e-mail with your address and I will send you a copy of the Northwest Observer it appears in.

But one way or the other, looks like there won’t be any forward motion of any kind until the judge shuffles off this mortal coil, so things on the Bill White front will probably be a bit static for a while.


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