Wednesday, July 19, 2017

More American Immigration Advice

Hello Nikos,

First, you need to know that I am not a lawyer and cannot give legal advice. So, what really happens in your future compared to what is my guess, maybe is not the same. But I can tell you what I see.

I think you have a high chance of success getting resident status ... after you get out of the airport. That sounds very simple thing to do. But I know many stupid people that have failed.

For example, my brother married a Canadian woman, in Canada. Later he wanted her to live in America. She got the same advice as you. Come as a tourist. And she failed. Instead, she tried to enter the airplane with 5 suitcases (wrong thing to do.) Also, she had a one-way ticket (wrong!) and in her suitcase was a wedding dress and picture album (wrong.) Then she lied to the customs officer saying she wanted to be a tourist (wrong, wrong, wrong.) They rejected her at the airport.

It gets worse. Next day, she tried to take a bus to America. She completely forget that the customs office for cars uses the same computer system as the airport. Of course, they discover her name. And again they reject her to enter America. But now she is on a watch list for lying to the government twice. Even though she was married to an American, it took her two years of government headaches to finally enter America.

Remember, as a tourist you should have:

  1. Round-trip airplane ticket!
  2. A small number of suitcases. Maybe one suitcase, and a small one to carry on the plane.
  3. Proof of money to pay for a short trip.
  4. Address of hotel you will be staying the first night.

If you can do those things, you can pass through Customs and Immigration and get out of the airport.

Once you are on the streets of America, try to start working. After a short time, if you can demonstrate you are a working person in society, then the lawyer can say to the (corrupt) government it is a "hardship" for you to leave and insist that you get resident status.

I think you will have no problem.

To be honest, it is good for you. I'm glad to have more White people come to the Homeland. But I'm sad that my government does not protect our citizens.

Again, good luck. Be smart and be safe.



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