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American Immigration For Foreign White Nationalists

Hello Nikos,

For White foreign people who want to come to the Northwest Homeland, the most important things are:

*Make it out of the airport after you arrive in America;

*Find a way to stay, legally, afterwards;
1. Make it out of the airport.

For the first goal, the problem is to get past the American Customs and Immigration Officer. To do this you must have a good, valid passport with a visa stamped in it, or a visa he will give you.

There are several types of visas.

*Tourist Visa: Allows you to come to America as a tourist visitor, for 6 months. You must be in possession of a round trip  airplane ticket, and an explanation of how you will pay for your visit.

The easiest explanation is, that you want to do sight-seeing and that you will be using your ATM card to pay for hotels, food, and travel. It is good to memorize the returning date on your airplane ticket, if the officer asks you when you are leaving.

That is the easiest way to get into the country and get out of the airport. But you must accept (if you are secretly wanting to stay longer) that in the future you will have to pay some money to a special immigration lawyer to help you change your status into being a resident. It will be expensive. But if you plan for it, you will be okay.

The problem with a Tourist Visa is that you will not be allowed to work legally. While there are many illegal immigrant Mexicans and other Third Worlders who work illegally, the government often looks away and pretends not to see, because those people are not White. You, as a White person, will have more difficulty finding work. Remember, the United States of America does not want White immigration and will take every measure to discourage it. But it is possible.

*Student Visa: This is a safer way to enter the country, but it is more complex. You will need to apply to an American school in the Northwest area. For example, Washington State University or Oregon State University, or Idaho State University, or something similar.

With a Student Visa, you can enter the country easily with the help of the school. Usually, this kind of visa will also allow you to work a limited amount of hours, legally.

A Student Visa will allow you to stay 1 year to 2 years, maybe longer. After you graduate, the school will often help you find employment and also help find an employer who will sponsor your Work Visa.

*Work Visa: If you have a specialized skill, then a large company can sponsor you to come to America directly. The company will justify you to the Customs and Immigration Department, presuming you possess some special skill that is rare in America.

Some examples of a special skill could be; a computer programmer or engineer; teacher of a foreign language; or some other skill that is in short supply in America. The large company that will sponsor the work visa, must justify to the government that they can't find a qualified American for the job. That is why it is typically a specialty skill.

*Servant Visa: (this is unpopular for proud White people) Harold mentioned that this uncommon type of visa exists for butlers, maids, and au pairs (also known as a nanny.) For many wealthy, high-income American elites--many are Jews-- they like to have a White person as a servant.

You would have to have qualifications. There are butler academies in England, but the top one I can tell you is in the Netherlands ( ). These schools will also help you find an employer.

After you obtain a servant visa, the high-income American who hires you will likely be so fond of you as their trophy servant, that they will have arrangements to extend your visa or change your U.S. resident status.

*There is also a marriage visa, but these days (especially for White Europeans) the U.S. government makes it very difficult to obtain this type of visa. Harold (and myself) don't recommend this as a good plan. There are high fees to be paid, long waiting times, and still there is a high risk of deportation. Bad plan.

2. Find A Way To Stay

This will depend on your type of visa.

Tourist Visa - You will have to find employers who will break the law and hire a foreigner without a work permit. This is called "working under the table." This often works for browns and yellows, but it more difficult for Whites. But with patience and luck, it is possible.

Student Visa - This visa will usually include a limited Work Permit. This is good, then you can do side jobs under the table.

Work Visa - This is obvious, you will have a good paying job and usually a 3 year contract with a large company. No worries.

Servant Visa - This is also obvious, as it is a visa for a specific job. (probably a humiliating job, but it can work)

Marriage Visa - As I wrote above, this is not a good plan. For White Europeans, my estimate, it only works out 2-5% of the time.

To summarize:

Tourist Visa is the easiest. Must have a round-trip airplane ticket (even if you don't use it). Must show you have money to eat, travel, etc. Expect to pay for a lawyer later, in the future to change your legal status.

Student Visa is the safest. It is more complicated, but it will allow you to work when you are here. After completing school, it is often easy to get help finding a job and a work visa.

It is also a good idea when you arrive, to find other Czech people who can help you with government papers.

I hope this is useful to you. If you have questions, you can ask me.



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