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The Prison And Its Ways

by Bill White 

So, for the past nine or ten months or so, the Bureau of Prisons has assigned this little Colombian guy to "tell" on me, and as we are getting to the point where my case should be coming back into the courts it's probably time to examine this and blow this little scheme out of the water.

You see, the prisons are a lot like the FBI. The FBI has told the Tenth Circuit that they do not have a lot of respect for prison intelligence services as they perform their job with, in the FBI's opinion, about half the skill of the supposedly premier American intelligence agency, themselves. This, of course, is not true. The FBI is just as inept as the Bureau of Prisons, although about twice as arrogant.  Both agencies work out of essentially the same playbook. One thing you cannot say for any agency of the United States is that it is original. 

Now, what surprised me with the operation here in the prison is that even after I repeatedly sent messages to the folks running the place that I knew about their informant, usually when the fellow went too far with his obvious efforts to obtain information, they continued to have him come and chat with me.

This was not done in a casual or secretive way. This fellow, who considers himself to be "black" although mixed black and Indian would be correct, has a real chip on his shoulder about the imagined prejudice he has experienced from White society and has no natural reason to want to be talking to me,an alleged "White supremacist."  Yet, he would come every evening for about five to six months and ask me pointed questions about my case, my legal strategy, nosy things about my life, and often what I had written here in the emails earlier that day.

Like most informers, this fellow was extremely obvious about what he was doing.  But despite this and despite the fact that I repeatedly told the people I knew what was going on, the Bureau of Prisons I'm sure was completely convinced and satisfied that they had me fooled and were garnering all sorts of valuable information about me. 

What I have found, having been targeted by American intelligence services all of my life, is that the people who run these operations are incapable even of considering that what they are doing may have been detected. This is particularly true for the kind of American "law enforcement" agencies that spend their days manipulating people who are essentially mentally ill, and who usually are incapable of detecting reality or deliberate manipulation.  

No matter how obvious the informant is, no matter obvious the questioning, no matter how obvious it is that the subject knows, the desire of intelligence officers to believe that they are successful generally overwhelms any objective evidence to the contrary, allowing that officer in many cases (not this one) to then be manipulated in turn through the provision of whatever junk information one wants to send up the chain. 

In this case, I learned by listening to the questions that I was being asked just what the dictatorship was thinking as they prepared to fight my habeas without benefit of counsel, and so I tolerated and encouraged the conversation, except when it veered too far off course. The dictator's servants, as I wrote previously, have convinced themselves that I am secretly a psychopathic serial murderer, [Harold's The Following scenario] and have spent decades trying to prove that proposition in the face of all evidence to the contrary.

The internet crimes which American agents used my identity to commit are filled with violent sexual perversion, so of course, the little fellow here annoyed me on several occasions by trying to talk to me about pedophilia, transsexualism, or other bizarre sexual behavior that simply disgusts me. In fact, this effort was one of my complaints. My guess is that the perjured Grand Jury testimony of [name redacted] about me attacking transsexual prostitutes with knives, or something to that effect, prompted some of this. It doesn't make a lot of sense that she would claim that transsexuals or prostitutes would be at my construction jobs unless you live in Roanoke, Virginia and know that I own property outside of open-air prostitution and drug markets that swarm with such people. 

Anyways, from these conversations I know that the dictatorship has several major problems with my habeas proceeding.  The biggest factual issue is that [name redacted] lied when she identified me as the user of the bill.white.7370 account. The fact of the matter is that the account that they showed her didn't exist until a week after she claimed to have seen me use it.  I have been laboring for years to get some court or other take official notice of this fact, so far without success.

They sent the little fellow to me specifically to ask about that one, and I guess try to get me to give them something to work with to defend that point. Recently, he came to ask me if I ever "lied" to my attorneys when I send them mail, which I'm guessing comes from the Federal Defender's release of my correspondence, all of which describes the terrible conditions that I experienced in the Seminole County Jail, urges him to investigate various things, and proclaims my innocence.  

What I find so funny is that, despite being shown repeatedly that I am innocent of the crimes and was framed for them, and despite having abundant evidence that I have repeatedly asserted this to every person that will listen, the dictator's servants are still convinced, or at least officially claim, that I am lying. Essentially, none of the evidence in front of them matters. Everything that contradicts their case is a "lie" and even when their position is completely untenable, they are unable to admit that they deliberately and knowingly put an innocent person into prison -- particularly when that innocent person is someone whom they were taught in their Judaic universities is inherently guilty of all of the crimes of the universe, i.e. a "neo-Nazi anti-semite" like myself. 

For a decade before I was arrested, I wrote about the need to create cognitive dissonance in the minds of other people in order to change their minds about things like National Socialism.  Cognitive dissonance is the tension that is created when reality does not conform to one's expectations.  Our society creates a very comfortable false reality for the children of its elite, making them into perpetually juvenile precious snowflakes, and justifying them in any crime they decide to commit against those who are not them.  

Federal law enforcement is a product of this "snowflake" mentality.  Like the lawyers that control them, federal agents feel entitled to commit crimes against anyone they are told is a bad guy without making any real independent evaluation of the information available to determine whether that designation is merited.  

Law enforcement agents  are screened by their agencies with psychological tests designed to identify those who are particularly dependent personalities, and inclined to believe and to do what they are told.  With unlimited power to commit crime, complete impunity in so doing, and an echo chamber of false information provided to them by their superiors, these agents are nearly immune to any dissonance in their environment.  They are told what to believe before they begin their investigation, and they find what they are told. [My italics. - HAC] 

One of the rules of human nature is that a person is more willing to believe information obtained surreptitiously than information obtained directly.  So for instance, if I say X to a federal agent, the federal agent is less likely to believe that then if I say X to, say, my best friend, and the agent happens to intercept that conversation over a telephone. If I did not know that the conversation was monitored, there might be a certain logic to this, but in their minds the rule applies even when the agent knows that I know that my conversation is being monitored. Go figure.

In fairness to these poor dopes who are assigned to do this kind of "intelligence" work, many prisoners do talk over monitored channels as if their communications were not being monitored.  One fellow that I assist here, who has received repeated incident reports for saying silly things over these communications channels, has expressed to me shock that I thought they might be reading his mail and emails, "at that level," even though he knows that a specific intelligence analyst had been assigned to do essentially nothing but read those communications, and analyze them.  

So, these obvious tricks do in fact work on two types of people:  those who are completely unprepared for them, and those who are mentally ill and/or intellectually underdeveloped to various degrees, and thus not really aware of their environment. 

All of the above being said, there is one risk with communicating with these people's informants that I cannot avoid, and, which always concerns me, which is the risk that the informant will garner just enough information to lie and claim that I confessed to him or some other such nonsense.  

As an example, when I was in the Roanoke City Jail, there was a serial killer there, William Hagy, against whom the government did not have very good evidence.  So they sent an informer down there to cell next to him for three days.  

The informer asked Hagy to draw a map to the Hardees in southeast Roanoke. Not being overly quick on the uptake, Hagy did so.  The informant then drew several X's on that map, wrote "X=where I hid the bodies" and then turned the map over to prosecutors, who used the map to convict Hagy, along with the informant's testimony that Hagy had confessed to all of these crimes. The fact that no bodies were found at the locations marked X was presumably explained away somehow in court, or possibly the subject never even came up.  (American juries aren't exactly the sharpest knives in the drawer.)

Even a dim bulb like [name redacted] was able in her conversations with the FBI to figure out what lies they wanted her to tell. Before that she accused me of numerous crimes that the FBI never charged me on because they never happened and because evidence fabrication would have been too difficult and time-consuming. And if someone like [redacted]  can figure out what lies to tell enough to play along with agents and prosecutors who are leading her by the nose, then it's not difficult for someone with a more normative mental capacity and a sense of moderation in their lies to do so without any chance of being detected.

You see, the FBI and the U. S. Attorneys want to believe whatever lies they are told about someone who has been designated a "bad guy." In their hearts they don't really care whether or not what they are being told is true, only whether or not they can present it in court without being caught in a lie.  This overt bias, combined with the innate desire to affirm what one already believes, has become the open invitation to perjury that the federal courts are famous for. 

Usually, I short-circuit these processes by sending a note to my attorney early on stating that I know that so and so is an informer. The mail monitors read this and the informer vanishes. Here I've been unable to do that because I am no longer allowed an attorney to communicate with. And so before I go back to court on my habeas proceedings, I figure I'll just blast it out now.  

Yes, guys, I know that the little Colombian guy interviewed me on a daily basis at your direction. And I know about your other informants on the unit. I know that the Haitian guy has set up meetings between inmates and the FBI. I know that the little Puerto Rican guy has tried a similar tactic of sidling up to inmates and asking them about their case. I also know about the obvious ones, the Judah-cultist, the lunatic who does the cleaning, etc. In fact, I know that just about everyone on this unit who is not obviously insane or some kind of "terrorist" is working for you. And I often knew it before they even started talking to me. So your surreptitious information wasn't really surreptitious after all.


Blogger brian boru said...

When a rational individual studies the cases of people like Bill White, Edgar Steele and all the others they cannot but come to the conclusion that the United States is a monstrous gangster state. There is no justice there, any more than there was in the Bolshevik state almost a century ago. Power, money and lies rule across the board. This is what invariably happens when the demonic jew life-form gains total control. The United States is fated to die in a welter of blood and it may well bring down civilisation with it.

5:41 AM  
Blogger Luek said...

I don't get it. Mr. White should have said "no comment" "I have nothing to say" or "I don't recall" when these little brown squat monsters tried to get him to say something that would further incriminate him. Don't say anything!

1:42 PM  

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