Thursday, June 08, 2017

From Harold's Hofjude

[I'm sorry, I know this guy is a Jew, but he is just such a SCREAM sometimes ...]
"In the meantime, Trump prevails, the mad bull elephant of the Republican herd, majestically swinging his trunk against everything breakable in the political china shop while trumpeting “Covfefe! Covfefe!” Last week it was the Paris Climate Accords. The op-ed writers in the usual places bounced off the walls of their virtual rubber room in response. Paul Krugman had to be dragged down to hydrotherapy at the NYT after he set his hair on fire. And Rachel Maddow practically popped a carotid artery in her muscular neck from all that shrieking."

-James Howard Kunstler


Anonymous kerdasi amaq said...


Clinton ordered Vince Forster's execution for eavesdropping.

I saw that somewhere.

1:45 PM  

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