Sunday, May 07, 2017

Towards A White Foreign Policy

by Bill White 

Well, the White nationalist movement is realizing that we put a damn fool into office, someone so ignorant of the world that having taken power in the face of resistance from the polluted forces of multi-cultural America, he is now abandoning those who put him into office to enter into an alliance with those same forces of hatred that opposed his rise.

This betrayal was always a possibility, part of the calculated risk of electing into office someone whom we all knew to be a liar and a charlatan, on the hopes that he would be smart enough once in office to tame the machinery of government and to use it without conscience on the enemies of humanity who have hijacked this country. Instead, Trump has decided to turn that machinery against his own people, and we have to live with the consequences. 

So, among the new possibilities of a world dominated by the old Judaic-Zionist-One World philosophy, but led by an utterly erratic and probably insane leader, the question arises of what White nationalists should be hoping for from an American interventionist policy. Unlike in the occupations of the past two decades, Trump has inherited a dessicated, weak, multi-culturalized, feminized, faggot military, one which Barack Obama hesitated to deploy because he knew he had weakened it beyond all recovery. An aggressive policy with such a weak hand may be exactly what White nationalism needs to achieve its goals by the back door, the door created by the destruction of the United States military in wars that it will not win. With this in mind, a frank appraisal of what White nationalists want is needed. 

White nationalism's goal within the United States is the liberation of White working people from the globalist regime, and White nationalism's foreign policy goals must be considered in that context. To achieve the liberation of the White worker from Jewish exploitation, White people must want to see: 

1) First and foremost, the destruction of the Zionist Entity in Palestine. Jewish influence on White people is a hidden influence, and thus one that does not immediately resonate with most White working people. Further, the corrupting effects of Judaeo-Christianity, that pollution of the Christian Bible, have also to be considered, as that perversion has persuaded many White workers to link the survival of the Satanic Judah-cult with a false belief in their own personal salvation.

Thus, while striving for the physical destruction of the Zionist Entity in Palestine, the criminal base from which the polluted ideologies of America emanate, the exposure of the Judah-cult as a racial cult of hatred is needed as well. 

2) Second, the promotion of nationalism in the face of internationalist institutions worldwide is an important corollary to the destruction of the Zionist Entity in Palestine. All internationalist organizations such as the EU, the UN, the IMF-World Bank, American imperialism, and the intelligence agencies which support them, work hand in hand with World Zionism to impose hatred and slavery on the peoples of the world.

Thus, every nation which can be broken from the internationalist structure should be broken from that structure, and  every nation that breaks from that structure should be supported, regardless of the violence which it has to use to suppress the inevitable uprisings supported by internationalist forces. Within nations, nationalist forces should be supported even when they take an erroneous line on issues like the Zionist Entity in Palestine. Once empowered, if these forces then turn into agents of internationalism, they should be called out as what they are, traitors to White workers, and opposed. 

3) As long as the Syrian war continues, there will be no existential threat to the physical continuity of the Zionist Entity in Palestine. If the Islamic State wins that war it will immediately take its wars to the Shi'a of Iraq, which it considers to be a greater enemy that Zionism, and thus an ISIS victory in Syria must be opposed. Similarly, if Zionist-aligned forces like the Kurdish communists or the "liberal Google executives" of the Syrian Free Army win, there will be no continuation of the war into Zionist-occupied Palestine.

However, if the Russian-Syrian-Iranian coalition wins, it is extremely likely that Hezbollah will carry its war into the Zionist Entity, as six years of war in Syria have transformed Hezbollah into a power guerilla army. Prior to this empowerment, Hezbollah categorically defeated the false Israeli Defense Force in Lebanon. After the victory of Assad in Syria, it will categorically defeat the same enemy in Palestine. Thus, in the Syrian war the only rational position of a White nationalist is unconditional support of the Shi'a coalition against its enemies, with an eye towards a quick resolution of combat in Syria, and, a continuation of that combat into the false Israel. 

4) As long as Trump continues to view the US military as world Zionism's army of enslavement, the best thing that White nationalists can hope for is a general war with North Korea -- a war in which the United States will likely lose 100,000 of its soldiers in the first week or two of fighting. North Korea's nuclear weapons mean that a Trump attack on North Korea will lead to the instant incineration of the 78,000 troops currently deployed in the Korean peninsula and Japan; coupled with this, we can hope for the loss of one to two U.S. aircraft carriers, a bit over a quarter of the U.S . fleet.

The effect of the draft needed to supplement the U.S. military to the point where it is capable of fighting will destabilize the United States, as the mongrel mix of nations that have settled here will be suddenly found to have little enthusiasm for fighting for their adopted home, and the White fools who pledge loyalty to this decadent empire will hopefully rush off into battle to join their unfortunate brethren in the irradiated wasteland Korea will quickly become. Further, the destruction of Korea and nuclear destruction in Japan,will create a power void that will likely be filled by China, pushing U.S. forces back from their positions in east Asia towards the mid-Pacific. 

5) White nationalists should support the continuing empowerment of Russia as a counter-weight to Zionist imperialism and the reunification of the Ukraine with its motherland. The commitment of U.S. forces to a Korean theater will strip the United States to the point where it cannot project power into other theaters, and hopefully at this time Russia will have the wisdom to invade, and, annex, the Ukraine.

Because there is no other European nation that is both pursuing a nationalist agenda, and, of significant power, Russia is the only White nation that can provide a counter-point to One World forces, and on that basis alone Russia has to be supported, along with any move that increases Russia's power vis-a-vis its One World enemies. 

6) Lastly, nationalist governments all over the world, including those in small nations like Hungary, Slovakia (to a degree), Poland (to a degree), Cuba (despite its anti-racist communism), Nicaragua, Ecuador, Venezuela, and, in more powerful nations like Turkey or China, despite their flaws, should be supported insofar as they challenge the international order. 

Unfortunately, the remnants of colonialism have caused many Third World nations to equate nationalism with opposition to White people, and,insofar as anti-White racism motivates them as it does in Rhodesia-Zimbabwe or the Jewish cesspool of South Africa, these nations have to be opposed; our embrace of White workers must extend to White working people everywhere they are found in the world.

But in nations where a White bourgeoisie has been misled by Third World anti-White racism into embracing Jewish institutions, as in Venezuela, our struggle must be to educate that White elite as to their error in not seeking a path independent from internationalism.

Trump's betrayal of White workers is not a death knell for White nationalism. Trump was elected because the old path of internationalism was destroying America; his embrace of that path is not going to stop America's collapse.

In fact, his reckless and possibly insane behavior is more likely to do the opposite, to accelerate the collapse of the United States, and, given the state of his own military, possibly lead to a defeat or even a "victory" of the magnitude that destroyed Britain as an international power in the 1940s. Thus, while Trump was never the Great White Hope, and now is in fact a great White traitor, the movement which carried him to power is positioned to benefit no matter what path he takes.

Ultimately, history is carrying the White worker to power, while it is inevitably sweeping away the decadent, Jew-aligned, bourgeoisie. Every empire has its time, and the time of the American empire is ending. Trump or no Trump, the White worker marches on to victory.


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