Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Target Collapse Shows How America Hates Fags

by Bill White

Target, the cheap-goods retailer which competes with Walmart in white working class neighborhoods, has lost 25 percent of its market value and 6 perent of its sales for one reason: America hates fags.

The problems started on April 19, 2016, when Target decided it would support the sodomite community’s boycott of the state of North Carolina over that state’s bathroom bill.  Laysha Ward, a negro executive with the affirmative action job of “Chief External Engagement Officer” did what negroes do, and without really thinking too hard authorized Target’s “risk committee” to make a political statement announcing that Target bathrooms were open to transsexuals, pedophiles, and any other kind of predator who wanted to lurk in them. 

The response was immediate.  White working class families declared a boycott and stopped taking their children into Target stores and Target bathrooms. At this point Target could have apologized.  But Target CEO Brian Cornell decided that it was more important to spread Judaic chaos than it was to make money and hardened his stance, stating that Target would stand behind its policy of making its bathrooms hunting grounds for homosexuals. Besides, Cornell realized, the people who were most upset were only white working class men, a demographic that Cornell felt wasn’t very important to Target’s future.

Now Target’s sales have collapsed, its market value has collapsed, and it is spending $7 billion trying to win back those white working class men and their families who are refusing to shop in an environment where their children might not be able to pee in peace. And the losses go beyond physical stores. The poor have also cut up their Target-branded credit cards and refused the vast menagerie of products which the retailer uses to exploit them.

The controversy shows that, despite the arguments of various conservatives, opposition to things like racism, sexism, and homosexualism, is not about business, economics, or the bottom line.  As with the Judaic-controlled NCAA, which boycotted North Carolina and was willing to lose money to do it, Target has decided that it is willing to not only lose money but close its stores and go out of business rather than adopt social norms on sex differentiation in the use of bathroom facilities. And while the Jewish media howled about the possible loss of a few dollars from tourism because ignorant negro athletes which colleges admit for sports purpose wouldn’t play nigger-ball in the state for a few years, no Jewish outlet has analyzed the economic loss to North Carolina if it has to shutter all of its Target and related stores because no one will shop there.

While the precious snowflakes of America’s Judæo-occult universities take to the streets demanding that regular people accept their bizarre trans-gendered, homosexual lifestyles, and these same snowflakes are promoted by a Jewish-controlled Zionist-imperialist system to positions of power in American political and economic institutions, regular people reject all aspects of this perversion manifest in those same institutions.  Nowhere in the United States do people accept the bizarre chaos of multi-culturalism, multi-racialism, and multi-genderalism, except in the Jewish-controlled American government, its Jewish-controlled universities, and its controlled press institutions which, in sum, constitute a foreign and alien occupational government which rules over a largely enslaved American people.

Ironically, given Judaic control of all American institutions, those white working people who reject Target have had few places to flee. After large Jew-controlled chain stores wiped out small businesses in most white communities, these exploiters have been left with a monopoly in most white communities.  Thus when white shoppers flee Target, they often find refuge in the equally Jew-controlled or the exploiter Walmart, which works with international Judaism to middle-man cheap Chinese good to impoverished white workers.

Until the Judæo-occult elite is expelled from power and America is radically transformed by a revolution of the white working class, these systems of exploitation will continue to dominate American economic life.  While white people can destroy one exploitative company, until white people build themselves real economic alternatives they will continue to suffer under the machinations of an illegitimate and imperialist occupational government and the alien culture it imposes.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Twice, Bill White, you used the phrase "occupational government" in your essay. The correct term is "OCCUPATION GOVERNMENT." The word "occupational" relates to vocation, as in the phrase "occupational hazard." On the other hand, the word "occupation," in the sense you intended, means a "foreign occupation" in a military context. Hence, after a military conquest, the new political power is called an "occupation government," which is what you were trying (in vain) to say.

9:44 AM  
Anonymous kerdasi amaq said...

Don't forget "Zionist". That was left out.

1:19 AM  

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