Saturday, May 06, 2017

HAC Channels Dr. Seuss

[A contact  asked me for the Dr. Seuss parody I did on Radio Free Northwest after Dylann Roof did his thing on the Night of the Charleston Vespers. Supposedly white FBI agents recorded this ditty and used it to harass and annoy their Affikin-Amurkin colleagues in at least one Bureau office, although I don't know how reliable that tip is. - HAC]

From Baltimore to Hilton Head,
Don't go 'round shooting niggers dead!

In country lanes or in the town,
You must not gun those niggers down.

You must not shoot them in a car,
You must not shoot from near or far.

You must not shoot them on a boat.
You must not shoot them in a moat.

You must not shoot them in the street.
You must not shoot them while they eat.

You must not shoot them in a mall.
You must not gun them down at all.

There's better ways of having fun, 

Than going crazy with a gun!


Blogger Technomad said...

For if you shoot, they won't be quiet,
They'll scream and yell and start a riot.

They'll burn the town around your ears,
And make you live your deepest fears.

And ammunition costs the Earth,
I wonder why there is a dearth?

So do not shoot the niggers dead,
Let them shoot themselves up instead.

5:45 PM  

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