Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Casey Michel Interview

[Yes, I know this guy is as red as a London double-decker bus and he's part of the Clinton-left effort to incite a war with Russia. Unfortunately journalists at publications we really could use some coverage in never interview me, seeing as how us NF "extremists" are their competition. - HAC]  

From the perspective of a white nationalist, how would you assess the first few months of the Trump presidency? 

What you need to understand is that most of us, including myself, never drank the Trump kool-aid to begin with. Do not make the mistake of confusing the chatter of some kids and pretty silly people on Twitter calling themselves "alt.right" for some kind of serious movement. "Alt.right" and White nationalism are not the same thing, not by any means. We supported Trump as the lesser of two evils in order to save us from a catastrophic Hillary Clinton presidency, which would have meant the end of America in any recognizable form.

For the sake of argument, I'll grant Trump a certain basic sincerity of intention, which is questionable, but we'll let it pass. Trump's first 100 days was pretty much as I predicted it would be: he flailed and he floundered, and eventually the Zionist wing of the globalist movement as represented by Jared Kushner brought him more or less under control. He was balked and sabotaged at every turn by the Deep State and his own party, who are IMO plotting some kind of quasi-legal coup d'etat in order to overthrow Trump on 25th Amendment grounds or else collusion with the Democrats for some bogus impeachment. Ryan and his droids want to get Mike Pence installed in the Oval Office, where I gather he is so malleable that he will simply sign anything Ryan puts in front of him. 

Obamacare wasn't repealed because it is viewed as an entitlement now, and democratic (small d) politicians never repeal or take away an entitlement. His attempts to ban the entrance of Muslim murderers into the country have been blocked by liberal activist judges. These judges are not personally at any risk of being butchered by jihadists and who don't give a rat's ass about their fellow countrymen and women who are. Trump doesn't have either the balls or the muscle to defy those judges, and if necessary drag them down off their benches and beat them senseless to teach them some manners, so he's going to lose that one as well.

There pretty clearly isn't going to be any wall, for which he will presumably blame his fellow Republicans.

He dropped his promise to prosecute and imprison Bill and Hillary Clinton for their crimes and their breaches of human decency, which is what lost me insofar as he ever had me at all.

The two good things he has accomplished is numero uno, he got this Gorsuch guy confirmed to SCOTUS, so hopefully the Supreme Court won't become a total foil for the globalists and a weapon of outright genocide against White people as opposed to the creeping variety.

Secondly, he appointed Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Sessions is reviving basic immigration enforcement, in the teeth of repeated attempts by the liberal judges to stop him, and at least the illegals are afraid of La Migra once again. At least the Border Patrol is no longer changing bambinos' diapers and giving busloads of illegals rides into the interior. 

What have white nationalists learned since Trump's inauguration, either about Republican leadership or overall support for white nationalist policies? 

We have learned not to trust democratic politicians, because we will be used and then betrayed at the first convenient moment. The Democrats have been doing it to the blacks and the Republicans have been doing it to us for decades, so this is something we should have known already, but what can I tell you? The purpose of democracy is to prevent change, and the Trump presidency is a living illustration of that.

 In conversations with other white nationalists, it seems Trump's first few months - especially as it pertains to things like bombing Syria, sidelining Bannon, and falling short in tax/health care reform - have been disappointing. What's been the most disappointing aspect of the Trump presidency thus far? 

Like I said, with me personally it was his refusal to indict, prosecute, and imprison the Clintons, but I repeat that most of us really didn't expect all that much. It's the babes in the woods of the alt.right who are sobbing and wringing their hands on Twitter about how that bad man Donald betrayed them and crushed their poor little snowflake spirits, and now they can never love again. For the first time in history, so far as I am aware, there are Jews actually living in the White House. Usually they always crept in by the back door to whisper in the President's ear; now Kushner does it over the breakfast table. The ascendancy of Jared Kushner merely formalizes an ancient arrangement; there have been hofjüden in Europe and in this country for many centuries.

In re Steve Bannon, will someone please explain to me how a former naval intelligence officer in the Pentagon who would have been vetted out the wazoo for Establishment bona fides and a former Goldman Sachs investment banker gets himself classified as a White nationalist?

What comes next for American white nationalists? 

Probably nothing, since we lack both the physical courage and the competence actually to do anything other than shitpost to the internet. When Trump goes and the Obamanables return to power, as they will, they will do so literally with a vengeance.

 There will be a massive left-wing purge from the internet, from American political and social life, and from the pop culture of anyone and anything even remotely to the right of center. Anyone who had anything at all to do with Trump or his election will be placed before some kind of Nuremberg-style kangaroo court and burned at the stake, rather like the old auto da fes of the Inquisition. The public punishment and abasement of White males whose minds are not under control will become even more state policy than it already is.

The "mainstream" liberal media must restore its monopoly of thought and information, that's priority number one, and all alternative media such as Breitbart, Infowars, assorted YouTube channels and websites etc. will be forcibly taken down. The SPLC is already targeting Andrew Anglin's Daily Stormer in an attempt to remove the site from the internet. 

So far the power structure has refrained from outright murder in all except a few cases such as Edgar Steele, Jeff Hughes, Seth Rich and Michael Hastings. When it's been done it was done subtly, at four in the morning with no witnesses around, or else behind locked doors. I am personally of the opinion that this policy will soon go out the window. We can expect bloodshed. The so-called "antifas" are carrying guns now. I suspect that if Trump cannot be removed any other way, the Soros crowd will simply have him murdered, under circumstances of suitably credible deniability.

What would you like to see come next for American white nationalists? 

I would like to see The Struggle That Dare Not Speak Its Name.  

How would you assess the quality of the current crop of white nationalism's most visible leaders? (Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor, etc.) 

I have been accused of "purity spiraling," in that I believe the White resistance should be represented by sexually normal, genetically Gentile and fully Caucasian White men, and a few extraordinary women, who are equipped with a basic set of fundamental moral principles. There should be no weird sexual, financial, or behavioral skeletons in their closets. In this I am rather a minority view in our community. More specifically than that I will not comment.

Have you noticed any kind of uptick in interest in white nationalism since Trump was inaugurated? 

Oh, yes, definitely. It began about a year ago when the election itself was heating up. The NF is getting a lot more website traffic, although it's hard to tell if that means anything, and we are getting a lot more requests for introductory packets. Again, most of those are looky-loos, which I get, but the interest is there.  

What are your plans moving forward, especially as it pertains to increasing your audience or the visibility of the white nationalist movement in the US? 

The Northwest Front plans to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.


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