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Advice To A Young Northwest Settler

 [This is about two years old. The young man ended up in Oregon.]
Hello HAC, 
I'm a 18-year-old White male currently living in Roseville California, just north of that racial sewer better known as Sacramento. I've converted myself to National Socialism through my own relentless studying of history since around age 13. So don't worry, HAC, I have successfully purged my mind of all of that American liberal horseshit they pumped into my (formerly) cholesterol-clogged, TV-watching, gullible mind in the matter of just a few years of private studying of the entire social-political-economic system and than seeing how it affected my life personally and than after that everything began to make sense.
Anyway I have contacted you, HAC, for some personal advice about what I should do next. I am currently attending a Charter school and rounding up the last of my high school credits. I am also currently employed in a crappy minimum wage job saving up my money for a truck of my own. But my mother is expecting me to join the Army as soon as I graduate. So should I join the Army of ZOG? Or should I just hop on Interstate 5 as soon as I get my new truck and head for the Northwest?"
Common problem, so let’s hit this one again.
Numero uno: for the record for you and everyone like you in a similar situation, what you should not do is simply hop in your truck the day after you graduate and head up Interstate 5 to Seattle with nothing but the T-shirt on your back and a hundred dollars in your pocket.
We cannot provide for you, take you in, give you accommodation or a job, or indeed give you anything except advice and some degree of hands-on assistance finding things, so forth and so on. New migrants have to bring everything they need in the way of money and skills with them, or find off their own bat, which may be one of the reasons people who listen to this show are so reluctant to get their asses up here where they’re supposed to be.
I have had dozens of people down through the years tell me, flat out, in various words, that once we can “show them something,” in other words once we can give them things and trot out a finished product, then they’ll come, and these people honestly see nothing wrong with that. Hey, they’re 21st century Americans and self-interest is who they are; they don’t know any other way.
To them it’s just common sense, and they are genuinely shocked and upset at the fact that I really do expect them to undergo risk and personal inconvenience in order to go first and then set up the safety net for those who come after. That’s what we’re short on right now, not settlers but pioneers. In the old days the two were one and the same, but not any more.
However, going first does not mean coming unprepared. Let me run this down for you. I get the impression that college is not an option for you, for whatever reason. Don’t feel bad about that, because college is no longer an option for most White boys these days unless your parents are part of the one percent, or unless you are willing to incur tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loan debt which you can never bankrupt out of and which is probably going to lead to a lot of people going into debtor’s prison or slave labor camps at some time in the future when they can no longer pay and the dictatorship decides to use student loan defaulters as one more source of cheap labor.
What you need to do is to hang on to that crappy minimum wage job, find some way to sweet-talk your mother into not throwing you out of the house like my own father threw me out of the house at age 17 forcing me to go into the Army, and spend at least a year swallowing every crumb of manure they ladle down your throat on that job so you can keep it, while saving every effing penny that you can for your migration.
Depending on where you want to settle in the Homeland, you will need at least $3000 and a functioning automobile, by which I mean a car or a truck that starts when you turn the key and doesn’t roll up here burning oil and needing a thousand dollars worth of parts and labor first thing, which is how I rolled up when I came out here the first time in 1994.
I mentioned that it doesn’t seem college is an option for you, but surely somewhere in the Roseville or Sacramento area there is some kind of technical school or community college where you can actually learn a trade, a marketable skill of some kind so that you don’t rock up here with nothing but the t-shirt on your back expecting to flip burgers. Or there are a number of such schools here in the Northwest Homeland, where you can learn such marketable skills.
Now, as to the military: if you do decide to go into the imperial service, a few words of advice. First off, for God’s sake, not the Army. You will find yourself thrown into a barracks for basic training with nigger and Mexican gang-bangers, drug addicts, sexual perverts and now open bugger boys, and every kind of criminal known to American society, with literal morons whose intelligence scores have been fiddled by recruiters desperate to fill their quotas.
The junior officers in the Army are now almost entirely appointed on political and racial and gender considerations. You will be a racial and probably a sexual minority surrounded by predatory niggers and butt-rapists, and it will be the most miserable experience you ever had in your life, not to mention the risk of getting sent to Afghanistan or Iran or the Crimea and coming back mangled and missing an arm or a leg.
The Marines are better discipline and quality-wise, but the crap you see about them on the TV is at least somewhat true. Why would you want to let yourself be brainwashed into becoming a buzz-cut robot that a Third World tyrant like Obama can point, click and kill like he was playing a video game? No paycheck is worth your soul.
If you absolutely must go into the service, at least use it to learn a trade, and for that purpose the Navy is somewhat better than the Army, although I understand the Navy has gone really feminist in the past few years and now they’ve jettisoned the last rules against perversion life on shipboard is going to be something best left to the imagination. Winston Churchill once said that the British naval tradition was, and I quote, rum, buggery, and the lash. Is that how you want to spend the next four or five years? I don’t even think the Navy has three-year enlistments.
If you absolutely must serve the evil empire, bust your butt to get into the Air Force. The personnel are way Whiter because the entrance standards haven’t been thrown into the garbage like they have in the Army, living conditions are better, the work and the technical training is better, and everybody says the Air Force is a little more laid-back than the other branches, not nearly so much buzz-cut Mickey Mouse. That’s the impression I always got, anyway. Some of the Air Force vets out there may disagree.
Best of all in my opinion is the Coast Guard; we had a Coast Guard Station in Astoria and I never saw one nigger and only a single Asian during all the time I was there.
But if you want to show yourself a truly disciplined political soldier, what you need to do is work your ass off at that minimum wage job, save up three or four grand, and then get your ass up here and start making yourself a proper home in the Homeland.
[He did.]


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Congrats to this comrade. Olympia, WA here so Oregon isnt bad. I hope he has better luck with the oregon listeners than I did.


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