Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Taking It Real, Part Trois

Fairly often, actually more often in recent months, I am accused by assorted people with assorted motives of inciting to violence and the forcible overthrow of the government, blah blah blah. Most of them of course, know better.

But every now and then I will get a genuine reaction from some newcomer who is simultaneously horrified and fascinated by my apparent incitement to violence. I tell them that’s not exactly what I am doing, and it isn’t. I am inciting to change, and things have reached the point in this society where the end really does justify the means in order to bring about that change. We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children, and I no longer give a damn how that is done. Neither should any of you.

For another thing, there would be no point in my actively inciting to any such thing, because White people pretty clearly just don’t have the chops for it. If the White man were inclined to revolt, he would have done so a long time ago. No other people in history have put up with the kind of systematic campaign of abuse and slow genocide that we have. No other people in history have more moral right to revolt, and no people in history has ever remained so submissive, cowed, and beaten down as we have, licking our murderers’ boots.

It’s not so much that the desire isn’t there. It is, but among American White people the longing for freedom and justice has become confused, incoherent, and inchoate. The spirit is willing but the mind is weak. One of the results of a hundred years of liberal and Jewish indoctrination has been a tiny attention span, an inability to focus on anything for more than about 15 minutes.

I’ve said this before: American Whiteboys have become a race of beta males. Many of us, maybe most of us, would be entirely capable of fighting in a revolution in some capacity or other, but what we can’t do is organize one. I called this the “finished product” syndrome; in our Movement the group or tendency or Fearless Leader who succeeds in putting together a Finished Product and maintaining it in existence will be who gets the brass ring.

If we ever got one going here in the Northwest, either a legal Northwest Front doing political and social and propaganda work, or if we ever got the NVA itself going and there was action being taken without everybody getting caught within 24 hours, then we would have more betas jumping on the bandwagon than we’d know what to do with. It’s getting that initial heavy lifting done that’s the problem.

Whiteboys have become a race of men very few of whom are capable of going first, in anything, and those of us who do retain the alpha gene are more often than not debilitated in some way, socially or legally politically or in many cases through nothing more or less than just plain dirt-poor poverty. In a society where money is power, those without it are by definition powerless. 

Most of the people I know who dabble in the alt.right on the internet are very skeptical about the possibility that anything can be done with it, due to the obviously poor quality of the people involved. Plus of course all the other many obstacles attached to turning something internet into something real, which I am not at all sure is even possible.

Okay, so far I’m just repeating the same complaints I’ve been making for years. I get that. But our window of opportunity is now, in this time of chaos that Trump is creating, whatever his original intention was, or the original intention of those who placed him in office.

In recent weeks I’ve tried running a kind of series called Taking It Real on Twitter, but I haven’t been able to accomplish much with only 140 characters in a tweet. The purpose of this effort is to begin the process of trying to persuade you guys to get off the computer and do something, almost anything, just so long as it’s out in the real world and not in a seated position behind an electronic device of some kind. Any step out from behind the keyboard which involves standing erect and going outside into the non-climate controlled environment has got to be an improvement.

Once you do get out into the wind and rain and open air, the first thing you need to do is locate, identify, and verify character-wise two other White Nationalist comrades within half an hour’s drive of where you live, more or less, and form what I refer to in the Northwest novels as a Trouble Trio.

This will be your first cell. It can be for any purpose: group migration to the Homeland, leafleting and stickering in your area if you’re already in the Homeland, raising money to buy racial materials, shooting and gun sports, camping on the weekend, teaching one another survival skills, whatever, but that purpose needs to be something that involves interacting directly with other human beings, not through the medium of an electronic device.

Whiteboys need to re-acquire the necessary skill set of dealing with people and not machines. I know that’s going to be difficult since most people these days are such dreck, but it has to be done. There are exceptions. Find them and make two of them your BFFs, on the understanding the one day the world will know you as someone and something else.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cannot help but marvel at the glorious irony of acronym in your novels is also one from a time so long ago, North Vietnamese Army, for this meri-can. Trouble Trio will prove, in-time, to be genius.

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Anonymous Joseph Trump said...

You know it is bad when even a popular magazine (The Week-April 14, 2017) has a cartoon drawing of Kusher on its front cover with the following caption:

America's Princeling. How Trump son-in law- Jared Kushner inherited the earth!

2:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re-posted with credit at

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