Sunday, April 02, 2017

From the Northwest Front Bulletin for April 2017

[As many of you know, Harold finally surrendered to the 21st century and the old magazine-style Northwest Observer has been replaced by the NF Bulletin, which might eventually make up for the lighter and more streamlined content by coming out with greater frequency. Contact for a sample copy. ]

Any other race or nation of people on the face of the earth would have revolted long ago, if subjected to the kind of mistreatment that White Americans have suffered for the past three generations. And by revolt I don’t mean calling Rush Limbaugh to bitch and moan, or tapping out a blog on the internet, or tweeting under a female name with a Japanese cartoon avatar.

It’s one of the great mysteries on earth that historically speaking, even to this day, Americans of all races have always been some of the most violent people on earth, except in the one area where it counts. Americans will blow each other away over almost any pretext, especially if there’s money or drugs or sex involved, and not infrequently because their feelings have been butt-hurt or because their neighbor’s dog tells them in their head to do it. We’ll commit acts of incredible mayhem and destruction with firearms and motor vehicles and kitchen knives and salad shooters, you name it, but never out of any coherent political or racial motivation.

Americans shoot one another by the thousands every year, and I’m talking about White Americans as well as monkoid and Mexican gang-bangers and dope dealers, but have you noticed that no one ever seems to shoot anyone with real power or wealth? It’s like being a member of the American political or financial élite somehow renders one bulletproof. Hell, when Tiger Woods’ Swedish whore went after him for spending money on sluts other than herself, she didn’t even use a gun. She went upside his nappy head with a nine-iron.

Americans of all colors turn our guns on one another by the hundreds every day, all across the country. Every now and then some of them even fire on the police, but never against the political police, the FBI or BATFE or DHS. When was the last time anybody actually shot at an FBI agent? Okay, maybe that occasionally happens with dope dealers or illegal immigrant-smuggling coyotes or whatever, but I keep an eye out for that sort of thing in the news, and if anybody is resisting the FBI and other secret police, the fact is being kept really quiet. 
In America dope dealers, gang bangers, psychos, armed robbers, jilted lovers, and just plain kooks turn their guns on one another all the time, but never against the politicians, the lawyers, the judges, or the rich men who are actually causing all the problems, and damned sure never against the Jews. Our streets are littered with bullet-riddled bodies, but never the right ones. This is a weird country; our Second Amendment guarantees us the right to keep and bear arms, and we do, and we shoot everybody except the people who really deserve it.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said. Very well said. If that ever changed, everyone can be free. White people included. Every race is slave to jewish masters. The politicians, judges, lawyers and secret police get lavish paychecks, the best benifits, gated communities with armed security. We kill each other fighting over fucking crumbs they wipe from their high table. Funny thing is that everything on that table is ours. They steal everything from us. Even at gun point if need be. But most of us willingly allow them to steal everything from us because we have been beaten into submission in one way or another, one of us at a time. The way things are going there is no future. So things must change, seriously how? Most white ppl are so helplessly lost in this madness. They cant even think a single thought for themselves. Every opinion they have is from jew controlled hollywood. Its all meaningless noise deafening all of us. This really might be the end. But I dont want to think that. Cant help it though.


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