Thursday, March 02, 2017

Weak, Timid, Confused And Frightened

Those of you who listen to RFN will be aware that we recently got regional media publicity in South Carolina because of one single business card that was mailed to an individual.

I won’t go over the traditional Movement ”littering” strategy again. But I feel constrained to point out that unless one or two people can muster the physical courage actually to do it ... well, doesn’t get done. 

Guys, let’s lay our cards on the table, business cards and otherwise. You won’t do this because you’re afraid of getting caught, afraid of the ultimate nightmare: somebody might find out that you’re different, that your mind is not under control, that you are not “of the Body” to use an old Star Trek analogy.

All of a sudden it’s no longer a secret little game you play on the internet every night where you think no one can see. (They can, and the FBI knows about you, but we won’t get into that.) All of a sudden your secret inner world will be revealed and dragged into the light of day. 

The little woman, if you’re one of the few of us who are lucky enough still to have one, might find out that you are different; she might even leave you and take the kids if she’s frightened enough of living with a genuine heretic who could bring down for-real trouble on whatever home you have managed to salvage out of the Obama Depression. Probably she’s warned you about “getting in trouble” before and if you get caught passing out leaflets that might be the last straw.  

You might get your name in the papers. Weird people might make crank telephone calls to your home or say bad things about you on the internet. Above all, you might be subjected to what the lefty-libs call “economic discipline,” and the mere threat of this is enough to make most Amurrican Whiteboys fold like a lawn chair. 

Nor can I tell you that these things won’t happen. They might, if you “litter” and are careless. So I guess you’ll just keep on doing what Whiteboys always do—sit around, play with your computer, and wait for somebody else to do it. 

And so our race will perish from the face of the earth, because we could never find anybody willing to have others find out about them. Imagine.

An entire civilization gone for fear of embarrassment an internet trolls. 

Oh, well. 



Anonymous Anonymous said...

No comment on the business end, but if you like Hieronymus Bosch you might appreciate this animated music video of his Garden of Earthly Delights.

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