Sunday, February 19, 2017

Six More Arrests In Wiesenthal Center Case

by Bill White

The scandal surrounding Simon Wiesenthal Center Board Member Murray Huberfeld claimed six more arrests in December as the Jewish member of the Holocaust fabrication group turned on his co-conspirators, ratting them out to federal investigators. 

Huberfeld was indicted in July 2016, charged by federal prosecutors in New York with bribery and defrauding Wiesenthal Center donors by persuading them to entrust their life savings to Platinum Partners, a Ponzi scheme posing as a hedge fund run in part by Huberfeld's nephew, David Levy. In December, Platinum Partners President Mark Nordlicht, former President Uri Landesman, Levy, and three others were arrested and charged with embezzlement, fraud and money laundering involving over $1 billion of Platinum Partners assets belonging to more than 600 fellow members of the Judah-cult. 

The various indictments in the case, which is being compared to the Bernie Madoff scandal, states that Huberfeld was a front man for the group, using his devotion to the god of lies Thoth-Judah to insinuate himself into the world of the Wiesenthal Center and into the group of wealthy Jewish scam artists that keep the Holocaust fraud afloat.  Once embedded in the Orthodox Jewish community, Huberfeld then told his fellow Jews about a hedge fund that only reported up years and hardly ever reported down months -- just like the Madoff funds. 

Anxious to make money without working, and to show the world that for all their lies Jews are fools too, hundreds then decided to entrust Huberfeld and his partners with their money. Identified as Co-Conspirator One in the Nordlicht indictment, it appears that after he was arrested for attempting to bribe the head of the New York correctional officers' union's pension fund to turn money over to Platinum, Huberfeld rolled on his six confederates, as well as those who helped them "invest" the money they collected into worthless products.  

One man also indicted in the case is Jeffrey Shulse, an executive of Black Elk Energy who sold worthless oil derivatives to Platinum in 2014 as part of a Hail Mary play by Nordlicht after he realized the fund was broke.  

Also mentioned in the complaint is investment advisory firm Beechwood Re, which was used to steer investors towards Platinum as well. 

What makes the Huberfeld scandal so amusing is that, like the Madoff scandal, it is a case of Jew-on-Jew crime, an, unlike Madoff, this time it targeted Jews who were contributing to the promotion of the greatest scandal at all, the phony alleged World War II era "Holocaust".  

Should these scandals continue to accumulate, one would think that America's corrupt Jewish community will start running out of money with which to spread their hate. This Jew-on-Jew aspect also seems to have played a role in why Huberfeld and Nordlicht were unable to escape the wrath of the federal government, which usually gives Jewish exploiters a pass on their schemes and crimes. 

Just before the December indictment, both Huberfeld and Nordlicht attempted to escape to Israel and persuade its officials to take them in. Instead, they were quickly refused residence, and compelled to return to the United States to face their charges. 

However, the federal system is not exactly being hard on the two Jewish thieves.  While most Whites arrested by federal officials, even on relatively petty offenses, are denied bond, these two schemers have been set free, despite facing life sentences, after posting $500,000 bonds to the court.


Blogger Luek said...

I wonder if Bill White can request his cellmates since he is now a senior inmate? Wouldn't it be interesting times for the Simon Wiesenthal scam culprits being put in Bill's cell to serve their federal sentences? They would have very interesting conversations.

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