Saturday, February 04, 2017

All The President's Men

One of the points I have begun making of late is that our new President, love him or hate him, will soon find his back to the wall. Whatever his motives, it would seem that he is indeed attempting to bring about bona fide change which involves disempowering and removing the existing empowered élite, and that is always a deadly dangerous thing to do.

He will need some muscle to use against his enemies. Those enemies are legion, and many of them are standing behind him wearing nice conservative Republican suits, no doubt with daggers concealed beneath the folds like the Senators who murdered Julius Caesar. At some point someone is going to try to take him out, and that may come soon. That attempt may come in the form of a funny little man who steps out of the crowd with a pistol in his hand a la Arthur Bremer and John Hinckley, or it may come from some attempt on the part of the Democrats and RINOs to impeach him or invoke the 25th Amendment and declare him “incapable of performing his duties,” which is the way the left-loon blogosphere is tending now. 

Donald Trump needs to form a legitimate, bona fide citizens’ militia to defend the Constitution and his own presidency against pretty much the whole damned world. I don’t mean clearly unstable, unfit, bizarre weirdos in camouflage pretending to be soldiers. I mean an actual paramilitary force, properly trained and organized and supplied, that will point the weapons and pull the triggers and put some manners on all these scum. An outfit that will do things Baghdad-style rather than go back to the business as usual of being ruled by the coastal élites.

This new militia needs to be legal and openly affiliated with the President of the United States and the executive branch. Without Trump’s personal and visible seal of approval and a certain amount of hands-on, it will lack the moral authority to do what will eventually have to be done, i.e. drain the swamp for real and protect the true citizens and rightful inhabitants of North America from criminals in Washington and invaders all over the land. The new militia will need open access to government funding, supplies, armories and weapons. Something like Edward Carson’s original Ulster Volunteer Force of 1912 springs to mind.

The new militia will require a degree of professionalism that will rule “us” out, at least in any official capacity. The majority of these troops need to be veterans, of which we have all too many wandering our streets unemployed these days, and they need to be commanded by retired, reserve or detached-duty officers. I’m talking about an honest-to-God paramilitary force, not a Bundy brothers clown show. (No cowboy hats, please.) “We” do not fall into this category, at least not the majority of us. Our males with military experience such as myself are mostly too old, and however skillful some of our younger males may be at creating Twitter memes or YouTube videos, the time is coming when these are not the skill sets that will be required. The time for Amateur Hour is over; the anti-Trump “protests” financed by George Soros are rapidly approaching the point of low-level insurgency. They have to be countered, and the new President can’t be sure of the loyalty of those around him. He will need to call out the Trump Train once again.

Americans have no idea at all how to organize for revolution, how to motivate for revolution, or how to behave as revolutionaries in a genuine underground pre-revolutionary environment. It’s not in our history. Revolution has been attempted only twice in this country’s history, only once successfully, and on both of those prior occasions the attempts were led from the top down, by politicians and lawyers and professionals and businessmen, by educated men of property and status.

America has never experienced any attempt at revolution by any race or class of people who are genuinely on the bottom, as White Americans are, and we don’t have the slightest idea of how to go about it. This isn’t to say that a genuine bottom-up revolution can’t be accomplished. Of course it can. It’s been accomplished repeatedly over the past century. But we haven’t got a clue how to do it. I’ve been telling you for some time, but no one is listening. We think we’re organizing a Rotary club. Revolutions are not made by Rotary clubs, nor are they made by guys who blaze away for 90 minutes and then ride off into the sunset on a Harley with a hot chick behind them. Revolutions are not made by middle-aged adolescents.

When the time comes when such a militia is formed—as I believe will occur, possibly soon when Trump understands what he is up against—as much as I still advocate the Northwest migration, do not hesitate to help the process along in your area however you can. The experience for when you Come Home will be invaluable, and I wouldn’t ask any of you to miss a chance to be a part of history.


Blogger ENGLISHMAN said...

Unfortunately ,once you have established the pretorian guard,they will quickly realize that it is they and not the citizen who choose the subsequent presidents,dangerous ground indeed,

1:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think there will be any revolutions, whites are lazy,materialistic, there is no spiritual bond that binds people apart from some vague morals like " freedom and democracy" or " Free speech", Whites will protest if you take away their rights for sodomy.

America will die or will become mongrelized,smart people should pack their bags and move to Europe where there is still some ground to fight, American whites are Spiritual mongrels, metaphysical Jews whose sole existence is consumerism and materialism,free sex.

Sadly American experiment will die, so does many Europeans will perish, they have become vain,arrogant and lazy. Perhaps coming decades whites will suffer utter humiliation, degradation,possibly miscegenation and death. This is the fate of Europeans, Russian story might be different.

USA should die, its existence is a tumor in spiritual soul of Europe, USA will pay for its sins , if average americans escape the punishment which they richly deserve , god should apologize sodom and gomorrah,along with countless cultures which disappeared into dustbin of human history, Perhaps those whites who survive this humiliation and tragedy will evolve differently, thats just a faint hope

9:41 AM  

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