Saturday, January 07, 2017

Whut Be Comin' Down De Pike, Muthafukka

You guys know how I hate crystal ball gazing, because we never seem to have enough data to do it with any hope of accuracy. But I think that’s changed somewhat since November 8th, in the sense that we can now make certain reasonable extrapolations based on limited historical parallels and based on observed behavior on the part of the major players.

In a nutshell, I think the story of the next four years is going to be in part what Trump himself does, of course. But events will also be shaped by the Democratic party and the deranged Left, what you might call the George Soros faction in world politics--the globalists, the true ideological One-Worlders who are at long last showing their faces to he world. Mostly Jewish faces.

I’m not just talking about politicians themselves like the Hildebeest or Angela Merkel or Francois Hollande,  but the whole conglomerate of mainstream media, the academic world, the scientific establishment that has turned climate change into one big multi-billion-dollar ATM for Ph. Ds who would otherwise be teaching at the local community college, the big Jew-run social media and online empires such as Twitter and Facebook and YouTube, Google and Amazon, the whole online lefty world of Salon and Hufflepuff and Politico, the massive government bureaucracies and NGOs such as the NEA and the Southern Poverty Law Center, plus all their counterparts in Europe and the English-speaking world.

Don't be fooled by the Brexit vote and the victory of Donald Trump, which appear to have been electoral accidents or eruptions which caught the existing power structure by surprise. That power structure is at least 100 years old or maybe more,  depending on how you want to define it and how far back you want to go, to Adam Weishaupt or Robespierre or whoever.

Then there are the so-called conservatives, the Tories in Britain and the RINOs here, the Republicans in name only of the Paul Ryan and John McCain variety. Our people often forget that conservatives can be and usually are our worst enemies; remember, I was deported from Rhodesia on the orders of Ian Smith himself.

Also remember, it was the Republicans and their corporate cronies who originally brought the Third World immigrants here to provide cheap labor. It was only later that the Democrats figured out they could give all these beaners and mud-colored beings welfare benefits and votes in order to create a one-party state run by Barry Soetoro and then Hillary Clinton, and the Republicans never did a damned thing to stop it.

Even assuming that Donald Trump is in fact sincere in his desire to drain the swamp, Rome wasn’t built in a day and swamps can’t be drained in a day. These bad, bad people from the old power structure are still out there, and they are very much still in power, deeply entrenched in their carpeted and air-conditioned offices in ten thousand glass and steel buildings, anchored like so many Moray eels in their holes. Again assuming that Donald Trump really means to try to drag them out, the next four years will be a battle kind of like Godzilla versus Rodan in a 1950s Japanese monster movie, as the two monsters roar and bite and wrestle and claw at one another.

I have in the past used the term “window of opportunity,” referring to a time I believe is coming for us. I think this may be it, and my nightmare has come true: the window of opportunity is here and we are no way ready to seize it. We’ve wasted 50 years on too many dead ends and too many faux leaders, but that’s spilled milk and there’s no point in crying over it. 


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