Thursday, January 05, 2017

Time To Get Back To Work

Right, is everybody back from Grandma’s house, and is all the eggnog drunk or poured down the sink? All the fruitcake thrown out for the birds? You’ve taken down the tree and the lights and whatnot? Good, because we need to hit the ground running and get back to work.

We’ve got a little over two weeks before the wild and crazy ride starts, and we finally get a look at just who the hell we’ve put into the White House. I have to admit, even after watching him and what he’s been doing for two months now, I don’t have a clue.

I still say that in gratitude for saving this country and its people from the Thing In The Pantsuit, we owe Donald Trump at least some kind of honeymoon before we start screaming and hollering about being betrayed. I figure it will be maybe April or so before buyer’s remorse starts setting in.

But that doesn’t mean we give our new chief executive a total free ride. I notice that already Trump and his team are distancing themselves from “us.” I get that, kind of, and I certainly don’t expect an invitation to arrive asking me to come to Washington D.C. and smoke a cigar with the President in the Rose Garden while we brainstorm over the future of the country. A honeymoon, a reasonable time period to start keeping his promises, yeah, fine. But not totally uncritical.

I am especially keen to see if Trump will make any effort to carry out two of his promises in particular : the famous wall on the border, and at least some attempt to prosecute Hillary Clinton for her crimes. If we get to May Day and there is not even some token effort to make it look like he’s keeping those promises, we’ll know we’ve been had.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We were had when it became known that all three of his adult kids have marries into the tribe.

6:32 PM  

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