Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Radio Free Northwest - January 5th, 2017


HAC on Steve Bannon from Breitbart, a new name for the Enemy, and the fall of the greatest Movement taboo. Gretchen talks about her job loss for being a Trump supporter. and we hear from Jay from Tacoma.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

God knows how anyone could fire a kind and intelligent lady like Gretchen. She really is sharp as a tack. Screw em, I say. If she got fired for that little, the boss was hell bent on it either way. Sometimes I wonder if these psychos hire people just to prick at them. Gretchen kept her dignity by throwing the proverbial pinch of incense in the trash, where it belongs.

10:47 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I agree anon. I was born and raised in the same state as her. Very very liberal. Its respectable that she didnt bow down to them, if she needed her job she should have never spoke her opinion. At work i keep my facts to myself. In fact i agree with the idiot liberals just to be safe.

11:03 AM  

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