Sunday, January 29, 2017

On White Privilege

The only white people who believe in white privilege are spoiled college kids. The only reason they believe in it is because they're doing well in life despite not having to work hard,  but instead of being thankful and giving credit to their parents, they would rather project their circumstances onto every other white person so they don't feel guilty about it. You will never meet a white mechanic or a factory worker that believes in such an asinine concept. Can you imagine a sunburnt construction worker with a thick Southern accent saying, "Man, I'm so lucky to have this White privilege!" It would never happen. -Some guy on Twitter


Blogger Luek said...

So, what is so damn wrong with white privilege? If the black, brown or yellow races had left their footprints on the moon decades ago like the white race has along with advances in technology, medicine etc., that whites have contributed then I would say they had a right to be a bit uppity and move to the head of the line too. But they didn't.

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