Thursday, January 19, 2017

No. It's NOT Okay.

[From Radio Free Northwest] 

I need to get into something with you guys, ref. a subject I have touched on in the past but which I have difficulty getting any traction on. How can I put this?

Uh, you guys out there, especially you younger men—you do understand, don’t you, that the Northwest Front and the alt.right and White Nationalism in general is for White people only? You do understand, don’t you, that having sex with non-Whites is not okay, right? You do understand that having non-White family members is not acceptable, do you not?

I don’t mean your slut aunt or sister who married a Mexican, nothing you can do about that, but you don’t treat the Mexican or the gook and you damned sure don’t treat a nigger as a family member. You don’t sit across the Thanksgiving dinner table from it or let your kids play with their little brown cousins. If your family objects or hassles you, then you dump your family, because your race is more important. We’re clear on that, right?

And you damned, damned, DAMNED sure don’t engage in homosexuality on a casual basis and then expect to have it all just taken in stride by the rest of us because you “do so much good for the Movement.” I’ve come across  way, way too many cases of that in recent years—"Movement modernization" aside, most of the bugger boys among us do still retain some sense of shame, or at least discretion, but it happens often enough to make me want to do some things with a meat cleaver.

Because if you do put up with these things---what in God’s name is the point of any of what we’re doing? 

Why do you claim to seek our survival as a race while you yourself engage in the behaviors which are themselves the ultimate end objective of everything the enemy has thrown at us for the past hundred years, to get us to do these very things so as to end our existence?

You do understand, don’t you, that even a little drop of Jewish or non-White ancestry (which given certain weird American pathologies may or may not actually exist)—that’s not okay. I mean, you guys do have that much actual racial consciousness, don’t you?

I mention this because certain personalities on the alt.right who seem to be otherwise pretty much squared away are suddenly dropping little remarks about alleged Jewish grandparents who may or may not exist. I don’t know, maybe these turkeys think that way they will get organized kikery to leave them alone. Which they won’t. That never works. Maybe they think it’s chic or cute or whatever, which it isn’t. Jeez!

I’ll give you an example. We were speaking of the call-in shows, Some of you may have heard Chris from London on some of those call-in shows.

Anyway, Chris has a Facebook page or Facebook access of some kind, and he was IM’ing on there with some American who called himself Eagle something or other, who described himself as a 3-percenter. This Induhvidual was sounding and reading real good online, as so many do at first. Chris sent me this conversation, and things had reached the point where Chris had given him the link to and was plugging the NF to him, and then this nimrod sends him a photo of two Chinese girls of maybe 14 and 15 sitting in a McDonald’s or something, and he says to Chris, “These are our two adopted daughters, hey, they’re Whiter than most except in their DNA.”

Mother of God!

Nor is this unusual. In the early 1990s in North Carolina we had some kid who wanted to bring his Chinese girl friend to a Klan rally, and neither of them saw anything at all wrong or dangerous about it. They thought it would be cool; after all, the girl wasn’t black, right?

I had a similar experience about eight years ago at a dinner get-together in an Irish pub in Bellevue. I sat next to a man and we talked for over an hour. He was intelligent, well-read, well-informed and clearly knew his race and his history, he was sharp on the Jewish question, and we were talking about how he could help the Party and then out of the blue he asks me, “Oh, by the way, I’m married to a Chinese woman. Is that going to be a problem?”

Then there was the guy who tried to bring his mixed-race mulatto son to a Nazi rally, in uniform. 

Then there was the guy who expected me to accept his adopted Mexican son, and I’m talking an almost full-blood Indio here. The kid had a face like something off a Mayan temple.

If these people were just nuts or trolls I could get it, but often they’re not. It’s like “other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?” They genuinely understand the existential crisis we’re facing, they are knowledgeable and sometimes in a real position to help—on the understanding that we, meaning I, just overlook their one little "eccentricity." That I grant them a papal indulgence to violate our equivalent of the word of God, like for so many years Matt Koehl allowed unit leader Wolfgang Schrodt to shack up in the Baltimore Nazi headquarters with a non-White woman.

At the very least, I am expected to adopt a policy of "don’t ask, don’t tell," which I would never do, and that’s probably one reason why we’re still on the bones of our ass after all these years. It’s entirely possible that I could have achieved much more than I have if I had just been willing to overlook the yellow fever and the mystery meat and the whiff of KY jelly wafting around certain people, but I never have been.

I suppose I could go off into a long digression as to why White nationalism and White separatism means White Nationalism and separatism, but … why? Okay, look, I know I’m from an older generation and we’re not cool or hip or copacetic or whatever the millennial term is, but I still don’t understand why I have to explain any of this. This is a conversation that shouldn’t even be taking place.

Can any of you explain to me how and why in your mind White racial stuff isn’t really for White people? Can you explain to me how performing exotic sexual acts on your carcass magically transmutes a slanty-eyed gook into a White woman?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sven Longshanks, a brit podcaster, mentioned you yesterday in Matt Heimbach's Daily Traditionalist. He pointed out your constant cries to build character and agreed full-heartedly with it.

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Anonymous The Austrian Swan said...

I'm glad someone is finally addressing this issue without the pro-white movements, I am from Austria and I've seen similar things here mostly with men involved in the white-national movement, many of them rightlt berate women who date non white men but at the same time they are married or date asian women, an mestizas from south and central america (wont call them latinas, it is insulting to european latin people) when I diplomatically ask them why are they dating those women their usual answer is: "they are beautiful" and the most outspoken remark the kinky "sexual" abilities of those foreign women.. I think men in general tend to find women of any race beautiful or fuckable in one way or another but in my opinion there is no beauty like a white woman beauty, I don't care if asians are devoted houswives or mestizas like it in the butt, a white woman is the gold standar of human beauty and the only creature capable of producing more beautiful women (white men are the other half of the recipe of course)

7:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said. Truer words were never spoken.

1:59 AM  

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