Thursday, January 26, 2017

Misandry In Politically Correct Society

Those of you who follow the ins and outs of the enemy’s propaganda line through sites like Salon or the Hufflepuff or Daily Beast or Politico know that their official line is that all conservatives, Republicans, libertarians, and in general anyone who opposes their official left-loon line are among other things, and I paraphrase, “Nothing but a bunch of old White guys bitching and moaning and wringing their hands because they don’t run the world any more.” Or words to that effect.

There is just enough truth in this to hurt. Yeah, I admit, a lot of our internet and other propaganda outreach has a distinct senior citizen feel to it, and I can see what it doesn’t so much good in reaching our younger people; it’s not couched in language they can understand and believe me, a man of 63 like me needs some kind of translator to communicate with a 17-year-old, which is one reason I keep up with some aspects of official pop and youth culture.

The simple and undeniable fact is that White Nationalism and the so-called alt.right is almost overwhelmingly male and has a preponderance of middle-aged and elderly men involved. Don Black is my age and is in very poor health, Double Diamond is 66, Thom Robb is 71, Doc Fields is over 80, so forth and so on.

We do have a younger generation, people like Matt Heimbach and some others, but the fact is that basically young people as a rule, employed or not, have better things to do than hang around the stove in the general store and bitch and moan about the world.

The reason for this is simple: as with all revolutions, the people who are getting worst screwed by the existing power structure are the ones who are primarily attracted to movements or forums that promote dissent, and in the case of Obama’s Amurrica, that means White males over 40.

There are those who over the past seven years have referred to the Obama Depression as the “Man-cession” because White males over 40 years of age were so crushingly affected and destroyed; at one stage it was estimated that one third of the 2008 work force in that demographic is now unemployed more or less permanently, and for all I know that statistic may still be valid.

Virtually every White man in that demographic I know, and I know a lot, is either unemployed or grossly underemployed at nothing like the salary or professional level he should be at, given his skills and experience.

This does not mean that other White people have it any easier in Obama’s Amurrica—far from it. Young Whiteboys come out of college with at least $50,000 in student loan debt for some degree in English literature or political science which is as useless as tits on a bull. They end up living in their parents’ basement and delivering pizzas, or doing the morning shape-up at Labor Ready like I used to have to do, and all of a sudden they turn around and they’re in their 30s and they’re still in the basement and they haven’t been able to start their lives yet.

White girls, I think, have it somewhat better economically because almost all office and administrative jobs are done either by women or by passive homosexuals and liberal pajama boys who are deemed to be quote-unquote “non-threatening in an office environment.” I used to have that one thrown at me by the little girls at the temp agencies back in the 80s and 90s. These guys get to dress up in the pastel shirts and wrap that goddamned piece of cloth around their necks and drink a lot of watery coffee and eat a lot of yogurt in some art deco break room.

Anyway, girls don’t seem to have much trouble getting some cubicle gig, especially if they’ve got a black or brown skin. Plus unless they’re openly psychotic and turning butt-nekkid flips on the break room table women can always get a government job via the Democratic Party, working in some bureaucracy’s cube farm, so these girls get to dress for success every day and pretend they’ve got careers instead of jobs.

They’re not headed for success and a living wage any more than their White boyfriends and brothers are, but working in a clean air-conditioned environment and wearing the fancy clothes and the nice break room give women that necessary white-collar ambience so that like their male counterparts they don’t realize they’re being screwed by Amurrica until they’re in their early 40s as well, and their biological clock has run out so screw it. No point in bothering with marriage or kids now, might as well just keep on trying to climb that corporate ladder and go home to your overpriced condo and your cat every night.

What I’m getting at here is that regardless of the true situation out here in Honky Land, we don’t want to admit some of this stuff in public. We don’t want to validate the left-loons’ stereotypes about us.

All White people are getting screwed to the wall by liberalism and political correctness, it’s just that some of us are more clear on what’s happening to us that others, because of our age and experience. The result is that men in that demographic tend to speak up more and do so more articulately than some 18 year-old kid who went to a public school, has probably never read an actual physical book in his life, and who can barely string two sentences together in the English language.


Anonymous Joseph Anthony said...

You realize of course in the new Super Girl series on CW ace star reporter, and best friend of Superman, Jimmy Olson is black and the love interest of Super girl? After all, have you seen what they have done to Riverdale? They took the clean and wholesome Archie comics and turned it characters into race mixers and homosexuals.

5:50 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

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