Saturday, January 14, 2017

FBI Authorized Violence Against Bill White

Hello all:

An affidavit I received today from Kelly Boaz ties together numerous loose ends, and shows that many of the things that I only believed circumstantially were in fact true. I am working on a more advanced version of my pleading currently pending in WD Va 13-cr-013, but several things are becoming very clear.

As best I can tell, in March 2006, the FBI-JTTF authorized the use of physical violence to prevent me and anyone associated with me from engaging in political organizing. At the time, I was involved in publishing and distributing literature, running a website, and going to political protests. I was not involved in criminal activity of any sort and never have been.

What happened, it seems, was this:  an informant, likely an informant for the BATF, got coked up and made up a story that the National Socialist Movement was "stockpiling weapons and ammunition."  At the time I owned a 12 gauge shotgun and a .380 pistol -- not much of a stockpile.  As almost every person involved in the National Socialist Movement was an informant, somehow, I became the focus of this allegation, which was entirely false.

As a result of this allegation, the FBI authorized a "terrorism enterprise investigation."  In their efforts to fight non-existent "terrorism" the FBI then authorized the use of physical violence to prevent me from attending rallies and/or publishing political literature.  Specifically, the FBI utilized their informant Brien James within the Vinlander Social Club to incite the Vinlander Social Club and other skinhead groups to attack me and anyone associated with me.

The FBI began this campaign by calling me in to the FBI offices in Roanoke in 2006 and warning me that I would be killed if I attended an event (also being sponsored by the FBI-JTTF) in Antietam, Maryland. Then they had Jeff Schoep call me and tell me that the Vinlanders were threatening to kill him if he didn't break off his association with me. When that didn't work, they had Brien James call me and, threaten to kill me if I didn't submit to his authority as "leader" of all White activists everywhere. You can imagine my response to James' threats.

Shortly after, of course, the Vinlanders did attack Steve Boswell and company at the IKA Nordicfest -- which those guys went to even though I had told Schoep that the Vinlanders were planning to attack them.

This campaign then extended to the Confederate Hammerskins, who threatened to attack the FBI-JTTF informant Gletty, and informed Gletty that they were "at war" with "Nazis," whatever that means. From the Confederate Hammerskins it extended to the American Front, whose various factions were all planning to kill me in April-May 2012, when the FBI-JTTF had its informants hack my Facebook and email accounts and send out the crazy messages for which I am in prison now.

This is really disgusting, and also I think sensational, when it all comes out. I am working on it for an amended pleading.  But the FBI-JTTF really seems to have ordered numerous people to physically attack me in order to stop me from engaging in peaceful political activism, and as a result incited a number of violent felonies against people, often their own informants, who has only peripheral associations with me.


[To make a long story short, Bill has apparently for some months had documentary technical proof of a cyber-nature that he did not in fact commit the "crime" of sending the e-mails which made people "uncomfortable," that he had nothing to do with the hoax Facebook page which apparently so terrified at least one FBI agent that only $80,000 would calm his fears, and that Bill is in fact innocent of any criminal wrongdoing whatsoever other than fleeing the country in a panic when he realized they were coming to drag him back to prison. Which charge, if memory serves, is already settled with time served.

He has submitted this evidence in due legal form for some months now, and he can't even get a judge to look at it.

Bill White was also legally vindicated in 2015 when the Supreme Court declared in Elonis vs. the United States that the acts for which he is imprisoned aren't even crimes. Rather than simply accepting this and letting him go, the dictatorship is making him file habeas corpus proceedings in three separate jurisdictions, which he is doing pro se without benefit of legal counsel because no attorney will do so without being paid many thousands of dollars. These filings containing exculpatory evidence are simply being ignored. He can't get a judge even to look at them,

Guys, look, I know Bill wasn't exactly a favorite son when he was out here among us, but come on, now! There is simply no damned excuse for what these people have done to him, as nearly as I can figure out of nothing more than sheer, evil malice. - HAC]


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