Sunday, January 08, 2017

Even Left-Loons Get It On Occasion

[I hate like the devil to admit it, but this is from a guy named David Masciotra who writes for the vile Salon Magazine. I guess you give a monkey a typewriter, sooner or later he'll spell a word. - HAC]

"If there is one feeling that Americans dread, it is boredom. Smart phones, the omnipresence of TV and music, and the convenience of tablet devices all help Americans construct lives of perpetual distraction and amusement. The smartphone, for all of its good, offers the ever-present temptation of the internet to those with short attention spans. Televisions blast headlines, sports scores and scripted comedy in the checkout lines of grocery stores, in every bar, and even at pumps of some gas stations. The challenge of finding silence in public space illustrates the resistance many Americans have to sustained focus and thought."


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