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Bill White On #Pizzagate

[A little dated, but sometimes Bill's stuff mysteriously disappears in transit. - HAC] 

All weekend the major media has been denouncing what it calls fake news and attacking what it calls the #Pizzagate conspiracy theory. In doing so it has, as always, been spreading fake news of its own, while shrieking “why does no one listen to us?”

 What is missing in this coverage is a rational investigation of the facts, primary of which is that specifics aside, a network of pedophiles really does in fact have disproportionate influence over the United States government, regardless of whether or not some given pizzeria is part of that network. Having followed the occasional eruptions of this network into the news over the years, and having known some of those accused of participation in it, it seems proper for me to weigh in.

NPR did a substantial exposé this morning on #Pizzagate, in which it gave the broad outlines of what is being alleged --something more than I have been able to obtain from CNN or Fox News, who have treated the story as if the idea that the Judæo-occult élite who run the United States are engaged in pedophilia as so prima facie ridiculous that the details do not need to be explored. Essentially, there is a pizza shop, Comet Pizza, in
Dupont Circle in Washington, DC, where it is alleged that there is a child sex-slave market in the basement attached to a network of underground tunnels that connect it to various prominent locations.

On the face, I find this improbable, though there are a number of things which are true about it which are being ignored. I grew up near
Washington, D.C. The DuPont Circle area is a faggot neighborhood. Having heard the lisping, whining owner of Comet Pizza on the television, it is clear that he himself is advertising that he is a homosexual. Comet Pizza is located very near some really perverse sex clubs.

One, which used to be owned by a friend of a friend of mine, was called Bound. Having seen TV video of the Comet Pizza, Bound was either located in the basement of the building Comet Pizza is in, or just across the street from it.

Nominally, this was a gothic-industrial dance club, but I recall going there with my friend when I was 20 or 21 or so. When I walked in the door, a topless fat white woman was whipping a naked black man who has chained to a device near the bar. I said “What is this Kunta Kinté bullshit?” to my friend, and almost got thrown right out. Bound was shut down maybe twenty years ago for violating a DC ordinance on the public display of torture devices, but clubs similar to it, many of them private in nature, still populate that neighborhood, and there are also several brothels and similar establishments. So the categorical denial that a pedophilia club could be operating secretly in DuPont Circle is far from implausible. D.C. is riddled with underground perverse sex establishments.

Now, just saying that will probably lead to false news allegations against me. All I can ever say is that I have been around a lot of things that have no attraction for me, and which I never chose to participate in. I have always been interested in people, the things that they believe in, and the things that they do as a result. This does not mean that I have always endorsed or participated in those beliefs, particularly when they are clearly sick or evil.

In attacking #Pizzagate, NPR and CNN have both provided commentators making statements like “This is an extension of the Hillary Clinton e-mail non-scandal. First, the Republicans fabricated that there was something wrong with Hillary Clinton’s email server, and now these false news stories are just a logical extension of that false news.”

It is almost as if the ones who manage our society do not realize the relationship between politically charged, false, or arguably false statements like that, and the absolute lack of credit that the Judæo-occult media has in this country. There was something to the allegations that Hillary Clinton committed crimes with her email server. That is why Hillary Clinton is not President.

What there was is unclear because Hillary Clinton lied about it and the FBI covered it up. To make the fantastic assertion that there was nothing to the Clinton email scandal, and then state that that has something to do with why Hillary Clinton is not part a child sex ring being run out of Comet Pizza, inherently discredits the argument that there is,on its face nothing to the allegation that there is a child sex ring being run out of Comet Pizza.

NPR too, in attacking #Pizzagate, did a large segment on prior child sex scandals in the news. In doing this, they lied about the Franklin Coverup, the giant Republican child-sex scandal of the late 1980s and early 1990s, and then they ignored the very valid child sex scandals that have involved senior members of primarily the Republican Party, that are much more recent. For those who do not recall, the Franklin Coverup was a case that developed out of Lincoln, Nebraska in 1988 or 1989 in which a high-level Republican fundraiser, a negro named Larry King, was found to have been embezzling money from the Franklin Savings And Loan.

What developed from this was that witnesses came forward stating that King had taken children out of a local Boys Town orphanage and pimped them to senior Republicans at his fundraising dinners. [Kind of a $500-a-pop kind of thing. - HAC] The Nebraska state legislature tried to investigate, and a massive campaign was launched to drive out of office state legislators who were leading the investigative committee.

Several of them lost elections, and the investigation was dropped. However, before the investigation was dropped, it was discovered that a White House aid named Mark Tapscott had used an official credit card to hire two call-boy prostitutes who then entered the Bush White House in the middle of the night. Tapscott was fired from his job, but a federal grand jury declined to return an indictment.

On NPR the fact that a federal grand jury did not indict Tapscott was trumpeted, but the whole world knows that the grand jury process is a scam, and that if a Grand Jury does not indict it is because the prosecutor did not want an indictment.

Now, I knew Mark Tapscott when I lived in
Montgomery County, Maryland. At the time, he was editor of the Montgomery Journal; he later went on to edit the D.C. Examiner. I was acquainted with him through a woman who was a political organizer in the county, and a bit of a fruit. I did not know about the Frankin Coverup allegations when I first became acquainted with Tapscott. When I learned of them, I sent Tapscott an email asking him about them. He never answered, and has never spoken to me since.

What I noticed about NPR as well is that they ignored the many more recent and legitimate, pedophile sex scandals involving the American élite which have led many to conclude that the Judæo-occult rulers of this country are involved in the large scale rape of children. 

First, there is the “pedophile island” scandal involving Jeffrey Epstein which has been widely reported in the British and Russian press, but was virtually ignored by America’s Judæo-occult media. This scandal involved the Jew Epstein, a close associate of many prominent American and British personalities who happened to have been kidnapping young girls from Florida towns and taking them to a private island in the Caribbean where he would pimp them to those same prominent personages. Epstein spent 18 months in prison for this, and had his federal charges dropped.

Similarly, there are the various child sex scandals involving Judaic organized crime in
Russia and in the Zionist entity. For instance, there was the 1999 scandal involving the Israeli Embassy in Brazil. There the Israeli ambassador was found by Brazilian police to have been hosting child sex parties involving senior public officials and personages from Europe and the United States. Just before Brazilian police could arrest the man, he was whisked away to the Zionist entity, where he has been protected for the past two decades. In 2008, there was an effort to send the same man to Australia as its ambassador, and there is no question that he continues to enjoy a prominent role in Zionist politics.

Just after that, there was the child snuff porn scandal which involved the brother of a Jewish member of the board of Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital. In this case two Italian journalists discovered that a Jewish organized crime ring based in both
Russia and the Zionist entity were involved in making child snuff porn tapes.

On these tapes, children two and three years old were sexually abused and murdered. Someone came forward and released the mailing list of customers of this ring—a list with 2000 names of prominent people in the United States and Europe. The American distributor of these tapes was the brother of the Jewish board member at Bain Capital. 

The two Italian journalists who tried to break this story were told to kill it to protect the identities of the customers; they refused, and instead they broadcast scenes from these tapes on the air on Italian national television. The two journalists were fired. The story was suppressed in the British media. The FBI investigated in the U.S., only charged the Jewish Bain Capital board member’s brother, and he only received 18 months in prison. The U.S. media mentioned the story in tiny little news articles on page 3.

And there have been other similar scandals -- the Dennis Hastert child abuse scandal, the Alaska Republican fundraiser’s child sex network, the fact that the Shadow Deputy Prime Minister of Britain used to be a lobbyist for pedophile groups, and so on. There are a disturbingly large number of American, British, and, Zionist public officials involved in committing cruel sexual acts against children. I believe that this is linked to the prevalence of homosexuality among the
élite, and to the secret Satanic religion that the Judæo-occult elite of Western nations participate in.

Now, on its face, I do not believe that there is a secret basement child sex market at Comet Pizza in Washington. (If there ever was, it was certainly closed the moment that the story began to hit the internet). However, looking at how the Judæo-occult media has handled this story, I also do not believe that the belief that such a thing might exist is prima facie ridiculous, or constitutes “fake news.”

Over the weekend Donald Trump attacked the failing New York Times for having published a story claiming that he intended to continue working at Celebrity Apprentice during his presidency. I fell for this for a few days, until I found out that it was “fake news” -- as Trump called it in a tweet this weekend.

Trump is intending to continue to receive royalties from Celebrity Apprentice, which is very different. What I have learned over the years is that, when I hear something reported on CNN or Fox News or any other supposed “real news” station, I should wait and listen, and try to get at the original facts, because most of what those stations say is false. And this is my experience with almost everything that the Judæo-occult establishment says, starting with prosecutions they initiate in their federal courts, and ending with stories in the New York Times.

What I know, from long experience, is that the ruling clique in this country is comprised of people who have been selected to join it primarily because of their gullibility, and only secondarily because of their merit. If you are gullible and willing to believe and echo what the Judæo-occultists want said, you are promoted regardless of ability. If you are not, you are excluded, if necessary through extreme violence and murder.

American society is governed by its élite through technologies of deceit, and maintaining those instruments of deceit is a primary objective of that élite.

William A. White #13888-084
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