Friday, January 06, 2017

"Anti-Racists" Are Federal Informants

Legal Update:

Hello all:

I have been reviewing numerous documents released today by the FBI, a small portion of which refer to various NSM rallies in 2006.

In one set of documents relating to a 2006 NSM rally in Austin, Texas, the dictator's servants have redacted certain parts of a paragraph dealing with the group "Anti-Racist Action" under the "law enforcement tactics and techniques" exemption, as well as the "internal rules and practices" exemption.  These are exemptions only used to protect the identities of law enforcement agents and informants.

One of the items redacted is the identities of at least three people who "instigated an assault on KKK members" at an Austin, Texas, political rally.  What this is, is a sideways admission by the FBI that the ARA members who were going around the country assaulting various "white supremacists" in an effort to interfere with their First Amendment rights were in fact federal informants. This matches the general use of violence by the FBI-JTTF in their effort to stop White nationalist groups from engaging in political organizing during their ongoing counter-intelligence operation.

-Bill White­­­‪­‪­­‪­­­­­‪‪­‪‪‪­­‪­­­­‪­­­­­‪‪‪­‪‪‪‪­­­­‪­‪


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