Monday, January 16, 2017

A British Fan Writes

Dear HAC,

I am writing to say thank you for your recent RFN shows over the last half year or so. I participated in a call-in show in November 2015 with Ian Smith's second cousin--we both called you from London, England--and I am also an associate of Chris, whom I know you are in regular contact with.

In my opinion you are showing more and more wisdom and insight in your radio show this year. I love what you have to say about White people's character problems. It's so refreshing to hear, as no-one else in our 'wee little movement' really says the same. The Ghost Dance series was excellent and the piece on reincarnation a welcome inclusion. Everything you say about the White male's insane retreat from the real world into a room with a computer is very accurate.

Ultimately, the survival of the White race comes down to reproduction and killing. This is Nature's law for every species on this planet. No matter how civilized our race becomes, the basis of life will always remain mating and killing. White people are reproducing a hell of a lot less (all generations since the Baby Boomers have been reproducing below replacement level) and we no longer kill our racial enemies. Thus, we are headed for extinction. 
Time will tell if we survive or perish, but I doubt you will see any significant change in the remaining time you have on this earth. Hell, I'm 29, and I don't expect to see any change in my lifetime. I expect if we do survive it will be because Whites pull it out of the fire at the very last minute. But you've certainly done your duty to our race and your lifelong dedication is something to be admired by all in our movement.

All the best,

(Yes, I know, niggers are called Tyrone, but it is an Irish name originally.)


Anonymous OC Oglevy said...

Yes, County Tyrone is one of the "Six Counties".

I never learned any kind of truth about Northern Ireland from the American public school system. We were told to pay attention to "current events" in the mid-1990's, and the first time I recall hearing about "the Troubles" was the 1994 ceasefire.

We were able to choose our own news stories, and I must have had some affinity towards our Aryan brothers and sisters in struggle up in NI, though I reported it at the time as a "terrorist" group attacking Britain. I later read The IRA - which should be required reading for any white nationalist - by Tim Pat Coogan - and learned the truth about the struggle that had been going on for long before I was born.

What I want to post here mainly is a song that I first heard about ten years ago, back when I was a dumb neo-con and not yet racially aware. It spoke to me, but now I can see it through the prism of what Mr. C calls the "white character problem".

Want to ensure Aryan survival, white man (and woman)?

It starts with you and me.

12:53 AM  

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