Friday, December 16, 2016

The Monday Coup

Before we get into my main topic of discourse for the week, I have to talk about some more election stuff, because it seems the extended horror of 2016 is still with us. No, folks, it’s not over yet. 

The Democrats and the RINOs, the Republicans In Name Only, are making at least spasmodic efforts to stage a coup d’etat on Monday, December 19th, wherein so-called “faithless electors” in the Electoral College will cast their ballots either for the Hildebeest herself or for some agreed-upon RINO Republican candidate like John Kasich, or Ted Cruz, or even Jeb Bush, who was actuually supposed to be the Republican palooka who took a dive for Hillary this time around. 

If you ever want to see the kind of dweeb that Democrats view as a "good Republican," check out the Alan Alda character on the TV series The West Wing. A nice White guy in a suit who is pro-abortion and pro-buggery and loves all brown immigrants, who just wants to balance the budget and who knows how to lose like a gentleman. In other words, the exact opposite of Donald Trump. 

As far as a coup in the Electoral College goes, right now the attitude in most of the media and among the general population is to downplay the possibility. Naaah … that’ll never happen! Okay, probably not, mostly because I question whether anybody involved with this System, right or left, has the balls to make some great leap of new-departure and ground-breaking innovation in anything, but I could be wrong. 

It’s true that those electors meeting in state capitals all across the country on the 19th are not required by law to follow the popular vote in their states. It could be that there will be an attempted coup next Monday, either to elect the Hildebeest by stealth and bring her shuffling out of her hidey-hole in her daughter’s Manhattan apartment, or else to throw the election into the House of Representatives where the #NeverTrump Rockefeller Republicans from the country club can slide in Jeb or even the weasel-like Ted Cruz instead of the candidate we all voted for.

And if that doesn’t happen, in my opinion President Trump will then be in the most serious danger of assassination he’s been in since he first announced his candidacy. It’s obvious from the deranged reaction of the Democrats on election night that they had fallen into one of the worst mistakes anyone can make in politics: they had come to believe their own propaganda. They really were convinced they were going to win on November 8th and were genuinely shocked and horrified when they didn’t. They may not have gone for the John Hinckley option before then because they didn’t think they’d need it; they believed their own rigged polls. 

But things didn’t go their way on election day and now they’ve only got a month left before the unthinkable happens and there is a genuine, honest to God outsider sitting in the White House. If that funny little weird loner with the pistol in his hand is going to step out of the crowd they’d better get it done before January 20th. If I were Donald Trump I’d make sure to wear a Second Chance vest beneath my expensive suit and once I got into the White House I wouldn’t poke my nose out for the next four years. 

Of course, knowing The Donald, that kind of advice is the last he’s going to take. I really do believe we need to take into account the probability that Trump won’t finish out his presidency. Remember, they didn’t take a shot at Reagan until he was three months into his first term. 

If the deep state doesn’t have Trump murdered, or they can’t because they just don’t have the organizational competence to do the old Grassy Knoll trick any more, then what we are going to witness for the next four years is one long, titanic political and propaganda struggle to de-legitimize, emasculate and terminate his presidency through the abuse of the system, including the courts. 

Trump has more enemies within the System than you can shake a stick at, not just Democrats but most of the Establishment Republicans as well, virtually all of the mainstream media, the entire Hollywood and academic world, the U.N., the multi-billionaire George Soros who makes even Trump look like a welfare bum by comparison, you name it. The man is going to have almost literally the whole world against him, and it’s going to be almost as much fun to watch as the election, as the corrupt liberal democratic System that has kept us enslaved for a century finally tears itself apart. 

The coming reality will be one long battle to delegitimize and destroy the Trump presidency from the very same people and forces who have been trying to destroy the White race as a whole for three generations, and I’m hoping that their turning on Trump will provide a distraction and a breather for us, for our wee little Movement in general and for the Northwest Front in particular. That’s what I want to talk to you about this week, the NF and what we have to do now.



Anonymous Barney said...

It's the same over here in the sewer that was once England (and will be again).

Even after the faked "murder" of a politician no-one had ever heard of, we voted to leave the EUSSR by a much larger majority than zog was able to "fiddle", which started the idiots raving about the "stupid" and "uneducated" British public not understanding politics and all that crap.

They like their version of "democracy" (or demon-ocracy) when it goes the way they want, but refuse to accept a result that doesn't go the way they intended.

There was never any intention of bringing us out of Europe, and now they say it could take ten years and cost us at least a thousand quid for every man, woman and child in the form of a "leaving fee" while they continue to merge "our" military with those of other member states.

(Translation - "quid" = an English pound)

I'd tell them to stick their leaving fee where the sun don't shine. Ignore the evil intent, and all you've got is a millionaire's club. If I was a member of a club and decided to leave, I'd just do it and stop paying my subscription, not pay an extortionate "release fee".

Depose the infernal jew and the British PEOPLE would have us out of that club tomorrow, and it wouldn't cost us another penny.

10:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whenever I am reminded of moloch worship the name Greville Janner always springs to mind.

7:13 AM  

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