Thursday, December 08, 2016

Fire and Rain Caveat


Disclaimer and Caveat To All Movement

Readers of Fire and Rain

Dear Racial Comrades:

I am enclosing a copy of my novel Fire and Rain. I hope you find it an entertaining and enjoyable read. However, before you begin the book, I’d like a quick word.

Fire and Rain was written with the intention of submitting it for publication through the existing publishing establishment, which consists for all practical purposes entirely of Jews, feminists, and the six or seven multi-national corporations who control the industry. The manuscript would have had to pass muster first by a literary agent who, whatever his personal political views, knows full well what the industry will publish and what it will not. Secondly, it would have to pass through a succession of readers, mostly leftist women and homosexuals. Then it would have to be accepted by an editor who would submit it to a board of other editors and market analysts, who would decide not only if the book was Politically Correct, but whether it would make any money. As you will see when you read it, the chances of Fire and Rain passing any such process of literary kashruth is slim indeed.

But I was determined to try, and so I included in Fire and Rain a number of elements of Political Correctness that you, as an Aryan racial nationalist, will find disturbing and displeasing. I also deliberately included a couple of raunchy sex scenes. These are known in the publishing trade as “commercial dirt.” It is now virtually impossible to publish any work of fiction without them, and I had to include something of the kind were I to have any hope at all of getting the book past the Politically Correct gatekeepers of contemporary fiction, such as it is.

Unlike its sequel Slow Coming Dark, Fire and Rain was not intended primarily for Movement readers. It was frankly an attempt to slip some Political Incorrectness past the System and make some money while doing so. In fact, it failed. Fire and Rain was rejected out of hand by every literary agent I submitted it to, including one who had attempted to sell several of my other novels and who sent the manuscript back with a note which read in part, “Harold, you know better than this. I like your work but I’m not going to commit professional suicide for you.”

Comrades, the racial and political message is there in Fire and Rain. Read between the lines, recognize my Politically Correct interpolations as the clearly intended camouflage which they are, and understand the deeper meaning of the novel. Despite its many imperfections, I think you will find it worthy of a place on your bookshelf



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