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Bill White On Trump, Part Trois

Hello Harold: 

Something for you to post if you like, in regards to any recent media mentions of me: 

1)  I am not the leader of anything, or to my knowledge, anyone.  Thus to refer to my statements as being representative of the views of anyone other than me is incorrect. 

2)  It is nice to know that despite the best efforts of both the Bush and Obama administrations to silence me, I still merit mentioning from time to time. I suspect that the currency of my name has more to do with the way in which my ongoing legal proceedings are going than anything else. I would strongly encourage anyone interested in me to go on PACER and to read the habeas proceedings pending in WD Va 13-cr-013, MD Fl 13-cr-304, and the civil lawsuit pending in SD Ill 16-cv-968.  Under the previous two administrations the government used perjury, forged documents, and torture to obtain multiple wrongful convictions, and this is now unraveling. 

3)  I do not describe myself as racist, White supremacist, or anti-Semitic. First, all three are Marxist terms, and as I am not a Marxist I refuse to embrace their language.  I believe that all people should have nations that reflect their organic ethno-cultural unity, and that Judæo-occult philosophies religious or secular, in any form, should be absolutely suppressed. 

4)  I would self describe as a man of Tradition, and I advocate National Socialism. 

5)  I am motivated by a love for White working people. The election of Donald Trump was a triumph of White working people because Donald Trump stated that he was going to do things that benefit White working people. Thus I am a conditional supporter of Donald Trump, meaning that I support him insofar as he does things that benefit White working people. To date Trump has had no opportunity to show the world what he intends to do, so for the moment I am merely optimistic about him.

 6)  To my knowledge, Donald Trump is not a White nationalist and does not understand the Tradition or the nature of Judah.  Further, to my knowledge Donald Trump has never expressed support for me, or my world view.  Thus, to say that the views that I express implicate the views of Donald Trump is incorrect. 

7)  To illustrate, if I were President, after securing the governing apparatus, I would move to expropriate, nationalize, and, re-distribute the wealth of Judah’s adherents, including seizing control of the major media. I would then move to suppress all forms of Judæo-occultism, including Judaism per se, but also Judæo-Christianity, Judæo-Islam, Republicanism, conservatism, Democratism, liberalism, democracy, and the rest. I have no information that Donald Trump intends to do any of these things. Thus, it would be wrong to say that Donald Trump is a 100% reflection of my world view. 

8)  I am not part of the alt.right. In fact, I am not “right” at all, nor do I exist in the phony alchemical right-left dichotomy postulated by the Jews. 

9)  My sincere hope is not that Donald Trump endorses or enacts a White nationalist program. The furthest that I dare to hope is that Donald Trump stops the charade of “White supremacism” that George W Bush used to eliminate his populist opponents, and which Barack Obama used to terrorize White people.  By this I mean that I hope Donald Trump shuts down all of the phony “White supremacist” groups that have been created by the FBI-JTTF, the ATF, and other government agencies working in league with Jewish and homosexual organizations, and that he stops framing advocates for White working people for imaginary crimes. 

I hope that Donald Trump abolishes the use of torture, cracks down on the use of perjury and fabricated documents, and that he punishes those in the previous two governments who engaged in the use of all three to obtain false convictions.  I also hope that Donald Trump brings justice to those who were treated so unjustly by the Judæo-occultists during their past few decades in power. 

10)  If Donald Trump makes other reforms that help White working people, such as reducing the labor pool and driving up wages by expelling illegal immigrants; forcing re-industrialization by cutting off international trade;  withdrawing all U.S. forces from overseas bases and forcing nations like Germany, Britain, South Korea, Japan, and Saudi Arabia to defend themselves; forcing down the prices of university educations by cutting off visas for international students;  forcing universities to stop anti-White propaganda by making them struggle to recruit White working class students; and enacting criminal justice reform so that America’s internal security agencies target threats and stop fabricating them, I will be happy.

11)  I have never moderated my views or my image in an effort to appeal to the supposed mainstream, itself a code word for Jewish-approved world views. I have never been a stereotyped White supremacist because the “White supremacy” movement was created by the FBI with the help of Jewish Hollywood script-writers, and is a complete fraud.  I have always stated what I believe as best as I can without obfuscation or mendacity. And among White nationalists I am considered on the extreme, as I reject any compromise with Judah, his institutions, or his world views, including those Judaic world views that masquerade as “White supremacism.”  Thus, anyone stating that I am part of some mainstreaming is simply lying, as anyone who spends a few minutes speaking to me knows. 

12)  That said, I think that White activists have an obligation not to embarrass the Trump régime by making false and unwanted statements implying that the Trump régime supports whatever it is that they claim their world view to be. Some of the people doing this know better, and are engaged in misjudgments.  Others are FBI-JTTF or other federal assets who deliberately disrupt Trump’s efforts while working for his enemies. 

White nationalists should remember that Donald Trump may share a common love for White working people, but he is not likely to do all of the things that we want him to do, and his election doesn’t mean that we do not have our own independent heavy lifting to do. When I start seeing White nationalists being elected to Congress and the Senate and local offices, and I see a real infrastructure in place, then and only then can White activists really begin celebrating. 

That’s all. 


William A. White #13888-084
U.S.P. Marion
P. O. Box 1000
Marion, IL. 62959


Blogger Thordaddy said...

Mr. White...

It is only sensible for you to claim to be a "man of Tradition" and an advocate of National Socialism IF you reject the legitimate standing of old stock, white Americans? Furthermore, "we" understand quite well the Hollywood fabrication of "White supremacy" which is routinely used by Jewish anti-(white) Supremacists to squash LIBERATED rivals under a false, but perceptually justifiable charge, of "white supremacist." Even you acknowledge that the Jewish cult of anti-(white) Supremacy CRUSHES YOU as a National Socialist and falsely uses "white supremacist" to dupe ignorant fellow global socialists, i.e., commie marxists.

A (w)hite (S)upremacist is a white man who believes in and the therefore strives towards objective Supremacy, absolutely.

In other words, Bill White is either a genuine (w)hite (S)upremacist or some such degree of noxious egalitarian? And apparently, as a self-proclaimed advocate of National Socialism, it shall be the latter. So you belong in Europe where a tradition of national socialism actually exists.

The tradition in America is (w)hite (S)upremacy... A tradition of white men striving towards Perfection. A tradition nearly extinct due the white race's embrace of commie socialism, either global in scope or in a stunted "white nationalism" for dopes.

First question...

Conceptually, do you reject The Perfect (white) Man?

Answer "yes" and you are psychologically encased by "universal equality."

Answer "no" and you are now on your way to legitimating the genuine white Supremacist, at least, conceptually-speaking.

1:18 PM  
Blogger Thordaddy said...

The mark of the white Supremacist is a will to Perfection... This will is entirely evident in your writings, Mr. White... Your desire for greater personal Capital (earned credibility) is indisputable. A spirited aura reasonably disputed within. Only your intellectual incoherency deceives your true self as wS.

4:20 PM  
Blogger Thordaddy said...

Mr. Covington...

Because you are under the same paradigmatic assault by Jewish anti-(white) Supremacists, the very questions I pose to Bill White are also applied to you.

You are an advocate of National Socialism WHICH is not AT ALL synonymous with genuine (w)hite (S)upremacy, but is ideologically-speaking, merely ethnic Marxism versus a diversified Marxist bully BROTHER/cousin/rival. Ergo, you NOT BEING A white Supremacist MEANS you are locked in an alienated internecine war with your scandalized ideological allies bathing in GLOBAL Marxist groupthink at the expense of your personally ethnically-cleansed jacuzzi.

Your refusal to make this distinction invokes the suspicion of crypto that just is the recursive nightmare found at the culmination of race realism.

7:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was Bill White mentioned in the news? Any links?

2:49 PM  

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