Saturday, December 31, 2016

America's Tragic Goat Play

by Bill White

The United States long ago abandoned any notion of justice in its law enforcement agencies to a kind of theater in which vulnerable people, usually the mentally ill, are transformed into “kings for a day” and then ritually sacrificed in the manner of the old goat plays which the people of the Mediterranean devoted to the Greek Dionysos, or the Hebrew Satan. This process of entrapment, which has even been denounced by some of America’s Judaic-Talmudic courts, has substituted for any real effort to stop crime, and of course is the reason why America is sinking in crime even as it fills its prisons to overflowing. The excuse for this behavior is that it is necessary to “protect” the
United States.

The theory is that there are people out there who are innately inclined to commit acts of terrorism in conjunction with
America’s enemies. The purpose of the goat-play is to locate all of these potential terrorists, domestic or otherwise, before they are located by the actual enemies themselves.

There are many flaws in that concept. The United States is not a legitimate nation. It has no “people.” And it certainly does not try to protect them as much as it tries to protect its élite’s monopoly on their exploitation. But even given a hypothetical legitimate nation with a people, that nation would have no business fabricating enemies internal and external in a misguided effort to protect its own people.

There are entities outside of the
United States, such as the Islamic State and al-Qaeda, that want to harm the United States in retaliation for the crimes that the United States has committed against their co-religionists or their organizations. The genesis of the conflict, like the question of American legitimacy, distracts from the question of the legitimacy of the tactic, but, there is no questions that the United States, in its efforts to impose chaos and uniformity in submission to a Judaic-Zionist One World order, engaged in aggression against various Muslim peoples and in so doing prompted the violence that has been directed against it by so-called radical Islam. Islamic extremism was created by the United States in the 1970s and 1980s in order to sow strife against Arab nationalists and communists, and Islamic extremism turned against the United States for the same reason that Arab nationalism turned against the United States and towards communism.

Let us posit, though, that the
United States has enemies outside of the United States with the irrational goals of “hating America’s freedom” and whatnot that the Judaic liars who control the United States say they do, and that America is a nation with a people that its law enforcement is legitimately trying to protect. And while we are creating a world of make-believe, let us pretend that the goat play wasn’t invented for the purpose of controlling human beings, that it isn’t a symbolic sacrifice to an infernal deity, and that if the tactic did in fact “protect” people it would be legitimate. Even with all of these givens in its favor, the goat-play would still not be a legitimate tactic for law enforcement.

In our fantasy world, American law enforcement has been tasked with protecting the American people from outside entities—entities outside of the organism, regardless of geographical location—that seek to do the
United States harm. Now, within the United States the most dangerous alien entities are the élite that control the American political system and direct the activities of law enforcement, but we are pretending that that isn’t true. Instead, America is unified, and law enforcement is trying to prevent actual crimes of violence from occurring. This isn’t true, but bear with me.

To do so, law enforcement posits that it should manufacture crimes and criminal organizations, rather than paying any attention to the criminal organizations that actually exist, as the best means to pursuing this end. And if there are no criminal organizations, law enforcement posits that it should create them out of whole cloth in order to have something to fight. This is of course completely irrational.

The first thing that American law enforcement fails to admit is that almost any human being can be tempted to commit a crime if the inducement is great enough. Thus, the thesis that there is some special class of anti-social people who are just waiting to be approached by criminal groups is a false one. If law enforcement truly wanted to, it could create al-Qaeda and ISIS terrrorists all day, by the thousands, simply by approaching people it knew to be vulnerable--drug addicts, the homeless, the mentally ill—and inducing them to join these law enforcement-created fantasies. Thus, the belief that law enforcement, through its false flag operations, is smoking out some fifth column within the American state is simply not true. Law enforcement instead is simply recreating the original Satanic act of tempting man and then punishing man for succumbing to his desire. And the people that they are targeting are not
ISIS terrorists but the most vulnerable elements of the people that they are supposedly “protecting.”

Now the counter to this is that
ISIS and al-Qaeda recruit “lone wolves” over the internet and so American law enforcement has to recreate this situation in order to get to potential “recruits” before they do. But what American law enforcement does is not what ISIS or al-Qaeda, does. ISIS, and al-Qaeda, for instance, have essentially no infrastructure within the United States. Thus ISIS and al-Qaeda cannot extraordinarily induce individuals to commit acts for them. ISIS and al-Qaeda, do not offer $100,000 rewards to people who go on shooting rampages or drive their cars into crowds. They do not offer such people jobs or rent money or drugs or anything except the promise of 72 virgins in the garden of Allah. And, because they have no infrastructure, no ISIS and al-Qaeda, recruiters meet potential “lone wolves”, groom them, build relationships with them, and entice them to commit crimes.

Yet you would be hard pressed to find an American law enforcement operation where the King For A Day, the Fool, was not an already vulnerable, lonely person who became consumed by a government-created fantasy, sometimes involving dozens of agents and informants, that became the person’s entire social world—and even then extraordinary material rewards are offered. Thus the pretense that American law enforcement is recreating some dangerous real world situation is nonsense.

The best metaphor for what American law enforcement does, particularly in terrorism cases, may be this: Imagine a nice, suburban, neighborhood that is completely drug-free. Somewhere out there in the world are drug cartels and the like, but not here. But the local task force gets a budget to fight drugs, so what do they do? They take an informant and install him in this drug-free neighborhood, supply him with drugs, and tell him to get as many people hooked as possible. After all, if the
United States didn’t hook them on drugs someone else would have. So after turning the neighborhood from a nice suburban place to a shantytown of crack dens, turning the parks from places children could play to litter boxes for needles, turning the people from merely poor and vulnerable into degenerates, law enforcement then swoops in and, begins arresting these people for trafficking drugs in a “conspiracy.” Then they proclaim to the news how they are winning the war on drugs—a war on a problem that did not exist until the United States created it.

American “anti-terrorism” efforts are the same thing. Because there is no real al-Qaeda or
ISIS, U.S. law enforcement creates it for the purpose of fighting it, in the process justifying their budgets and their existence. There are advantages to this approach, not least of which being that it is easy. Whereas the real al-Qaeda or ISIS might fight back, law enforcement here just scoops up drug addicts and hobos and psych cases who are as easily arrested as they are manipulated.

The infliction of violence in the name of the state is much easier when it is directed against passive or captive populations than against a real enemy. And of course this unveils the cowardice and cruelty that is at the heart of the American law enforcement mentality. These are not brave guardians but cruel cravens, a type of devil, that get their pleasure from tormenting the weak. And of course this wanton infliction of pain is one of the four manias, known to the ancient magicians, that were excited in those rites designed to draw man down into oblivion.

Another problem with this kind of “protection” is that it does not actually protect anyone against anything.
U.S. law enforcement has never stopped an actual plot to attack American civilians that originated with either al-Qaeda or ISIS. In fact, American law enforcement has been as ineffective in stopping actual al-Qaeda and ISIS within the continental United States as the gay multi-cultural U.S. military has been in fighting their lightly-armed goat-herding brethren abroad. Yeah, you can declare everyone from 15 to 50 a “combatant” and rack up a body count, but you can’t win being frauds and cowards, which is what America’s armed forces domestic or foreign-oriented are.

What happens is that because fighting actual Muslims is hard and sparse, American law enforcement just doesn’t do it. The fact is that if there were no American law enforcement agents dedicated to fighting al-Qaeda and ISIS, there would be just as many al-Qaeda and ISIS- inspired attacks in the United States as there are now.

What American law enforcement cannot do is admit that most of what they need to do fighting terrorism is to just sit back, watch, and wait. This doesn’t mean not to pay attention to what is out there, look for actual crimes about to occur, look for actual criminals. Maybe even—now this would be novel—infiltrate the actual groups al-Qaeda and
ISIS, which are responsible for the crimes they are trying to prevent.

But if American law enforcement did this nation-wide, in any given year no more than three or four of any given agency’s many field offices would ever have any actual terrorism to fight. This means that the other hundred or so field offices for a given agency would do nothing all year but watch.

And of course, this would mean that the budget all of these agencies have demanded for fighting “terrorism” could be cut dramatically. All of their analysts could be let go. The Hollywood scriptwriters that they use to create fantasies could be let go. The fraudulent terror analysts with their pathetic, irrelevant and artificial models of radicalization could be let go, along with the psychologists brought in to manipulate victims, the cast of actors need for the goat-play, and the scores of socially worthless, unemployable, people whose only skills are parroting government propaganda and playing Fools in their own part. A whole federal welfare program for wanna-be law enforcement officers and military personnel discharged from the 504th Latrine Battalion with no marketable skills could be ended. And of course, stopping this from happening is why the goat play goes on.

Lastly, the fraud of American law enforcement and justice has to be understood in terms of how it is used to control people through the injection of false narratives into the public consciousness. Every time some Fool is arrested while shouting that he’s al-Qaeda the media circulates the story widely, emphasizing the false line that the American people are under threat. This is the same tactic that we find in the Jewish religion which makes its adherents live on constant guard against the fraudulent construct of “anti-Semitism.”

By making a group of people feel constantly threatened, a cult can force an otherwise eclectic and disunified group to cling to one another. In the United States, which is based upon forcing dissimilar people to live together, this kind of fraud is necessary to maintain the power of the state. It is no different than in George Orwell’s 1984, when the woman speculates that the government is shooting missiles at its own cities to perpetuate a war mentality.

This narrative, of course, is the real reason that American law enforcement is itself fooled into carrying on the goat-play. One of the amusing things, when one reads memoirs from federal informants, or, undercover agents, is that they are generally oblivious to the number of their fellow informants among whom they are associating, or to the fact that their own agencies may be misleading and manipulating them with the same tactics which they use upon others.

To persuade American law enforcement to commit acts that are essentially both criminal and evil and against the very notion of law enforcement, the agencies these people serve provide them with false information about threats and crimes and potential targets. Even as these agents lie to the informants that they recruit, they seem to think that they have somehow been placed above the line at which people are lied to. And the informants have the same arrogance, thinking that their affiliation with law enforcement makes them personally invulnerable and powerful and that no one around them shares that power.

A legitimate nation cannot be founded upon deceit. The price of making lies the basis of a system of supposed law is much greater than the marginal losses that come from dealing with everyone, starting with one’s own people, honestly. Of course, one must have a people before one can deal with them honestly, and that is one of the many things that the
United States lacks. A criminal government, founded by an alien cult for the purpose of enslaving mankind, cannot engage in honest law enforcement. Its laws can only ever be an instrument for increasing chaos and harming mankind. Such an entity must rely upon ancient tricks, like the goat-play, to control its people, and, sustain its illegitimate power.


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